Fact checked: Trump's 2020 campaign launch Getty
GOP strategist offers stern warning ahead of 2020 race AP
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Model reveals ugly spitting incident during vacation Getty Images
Reality TV star is the latest to fall ill at holiday hotspot Reuters
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Security camera reveals frightening teen trend in clip Chown Hardware
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If you have high blood pressure, avoid these foods Imgur
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Experts uncovered remains of 15,000 WWII soldiers Facebook
Man who died in DR had green foam coming from mouth Iren_Key via Getty Images
These actors weren't faking their chemistry on-screen Reddit
Royal motorcade injures elderly woman in crash AP
This grocery store clerk dealt with a nasty customer in the best way Steve Krongard via Getty Images
U.S. seizes $1B worth of cocaine on ship in Philly AP
Kate shares adorable photos of Princess Charlotte Max Mumby/Indigo via Getty Images
Prince Harry shares Father's Day picture of baby Archie Getty Images
These adorable cord protector are going viral on social media: Look! Getty Images
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30 AAA discounts you’re probably  missing out on Getty Images
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Nicole Kidman theory says she's secretly 'bald' Getty Images
These VHS tapes can be worth a lot of money Christoph Hetzmannseder via Getty Images
New York City man dies in DR after undergoing surgery Getty Images
Meghan Markle's post-baby dress hid powerful truth WPA Pool via Getty Images
Trump refuses to apologize for calling to execute teens Getty Images
Here's how you can help your body lose weight MIGUEL RIOPA via Getty Images
Odds reveal where Kawhi Leonard will most likely land Getty Images
Warning signs that your body is filled with toxins AzmanL via Getty Images
Another royal split between Sussexes and Cambridges is coming: report Getty Images
Low budget movies that made millions of dollars Imgur
Kathy Griffin shares personal photos of Gloria Vanderbilt despite falling-out Getty Images
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The horrific murder of Hollywood model Linda Sobek YouTube
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They got married, but their age gap raised eyebrows YouTube
Here's the secret to J.Lo's age-defying physique at age 49 Instagram
'Jeopardy' champ donates some of his winnings in Alex Trebek's name Twitter
Harvey Weinstein loses another defense lawyer Getty Images
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How Prince Harry is breaking royal tradition in his Father's Day post Instagram
Experts unearth oldest copy of Homer’s masterpiece Flickr
End of ‘Jeopardy James' attracted a huge audience NBC
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Some of the funniest cat photos you'll find online Twitter
Gwyneth Paltrow, 46, models new bikini line: Photos Instagram
No wardrobe is complete without this shapewear Sponsored
TV couples that should have stayed together ABC Photo Archives via Getty Images
Trump airs old grievances to kick off new campaign ASSOCIATED PRESS
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'Harry Potter' co-stars reunite a full decade after filming final movie Getty Images
Looking back on '80s TV shows most have forgotten CBS Photo Archive via Getty Images
Ex-ICE officials criticize Trump's deportation tweet Getty Images
Man giving gun victim CPR realizes it's his wife SANDY HUFFAKER via Getty Images
Rob Kardashian returns to gym after disappearance from public eye Getty Images
60 chilling locations abandoned and left to decay Imgur
Katie Holmes strikes a pose with the 'Queen of Burlesque' Getty Images
Rules Meghan Markle must follow as a royal James Devaney via Getty Images
New Jersey man confirmed dead at Dominican resort Facebook
Many say these designs are practically perfect Monica Ney Eriksson / EyeEm via Getty Images
Severe turbulence sends attendant crashing into ceiling Getty Images
Mom learns hilarious lesson about the dangers of laxatives filadendron via Getty Images
USWNT players reject proposed rules change Getty Images
Summer hacks to help you beat the heat Jekaterina Nikitina via Getty Images
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Couple recreates old photos after losing 400 pounds Instagram/Fatgirlfedup
Believe it or not, these nature shots are unaltered and real Pinterest

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