Trump pushes division in speech at Rushmore AP
Car strikes 2 protesters on Seattle highway Getty Images
1 killed, 3 others injured in Alabama mall shooting AP
'Independence day' for England as pubs reopen July 4 Getty Images
Kimberly Guilfoyle, Donald Trump Jr.'s girlfriend, tests positive for virus AP
Rabid pro-Trump conspiracy theories gain steam Getty Images
Fire dept. warns to never make this extension cord mistake Facebook
Judge's words to defendant leave the courtroom stunned YouTube
Iconic WWE wrestler is tied to chilling crime Djamilla Rosa Cochran via Getty Images
Does chlorine kill the coronavirus? Getty Images
Mom was shocked to see what daughters did in their dad's yard YouTube
Broken bottle confirms weird detail about the Civil War Getty Images
Photos of infamous disaster found inside secondhand camera Getty Images
The queen has met with these 12 presidents Getty Images
Obama-era photographer takes major dig at Trump with new photo Getty Images
Feud that nearly ended 'Welcome Back Kotter' Getty Images
Elvis's cousin weighed in on rumors about the late legend Getty Images
Woman's discovery on small island confuses scientists Facebook
Strange-looking  DIY yard hacks that are actually brilliant Pinterest
Woman charged in case of missing Fort Hood soldier ASSOCIATED PRESS
Queen Elizabeth I's life was more scandalous than people thought Getty Images
Strange hybrid has scientists obsessed Pinterest
What Natalie Wood's daughter said about her mom's death Getty Images
These dog breeds live the longest Instagram
Iconic singer rejects story on friendship with Prince Harry, Meghan Markle Getty Images
Kirk Douglas' life story will give you chills Getty Images
50 head-turning bikes from the 1970s you'll want to own Pinterest
20 optical illusions that challenge our perception of reality Getty Images
83 Famous child stars from the 1970s to today Pinterest
Trump's anti-vote-by-mail crusade could backfire Getty Images
Ancient tomb uncovered by workers digging a well Getty Images
45 Royals who suffered from terrible health problems Getty Images
20 little-known facts about Albert Einstein Getty Images
40 Little-known facts about 'Lawrence of Arabia' Pinterest
Eric Trump deletes tweet after trolling attempt backfires Getty Images
Wild artifact exposed at the bottom of reservoir that ran dry Getty Images
40 'Brady Bunch' secrets even fans may not know Getty Images
Vintage photos reveal what grocery stores were like Pinterest
Lucille Ball's granddaughter is the spitting image of her Getty Images
Here’s an ultimate list of the best Fourth of July sales Getty Images
This is the car company with the lowest repair costs Kia
Chip and Joanna Gaines get candid about struggling businesses Getty Images
Netflix stands by film despite outrage over sex trafficking amesy via Getty Images
Country star Kacey Musgraves and husband file for divorce Getty Images
5 states with the slowest virus job market recovery Getty Images
You can now get a Nespresso coffee machine for $1 -- but there's a catch Getty Images
Debate over national anthem at sporting events heats up Getty Images
Aldi's new and unusual $8 wine has customers jumping for joy Getty Images
Jimmie Johnson 1st NASCAR driver to test positive for COVID-19 Getty Images
Encouraging, early virus vaccine test results reported Getty Images
Large majority of Americans say U.S. is a mess Getty Images
Why Prince Harry and William's step-siblings are never seen IPx
After years of resisting, NFL team bows to pressure Getty Images
Max Greenfield dishes on his winning burger recipe Getty Images
Officers fired after photos mocking death of Elijah McClain surface Getty Images
Apple shuttering stores in 11 states as outbreak surges Getty Images
WHO expects first results from COVID drug trials within two weeks Getty Images
Tom Hanks: 'Shame on you' if you don't wear a mask Getty Images
'Doomscrolling' may have long-term effects on mental health: Experts Getty Images
Critics decry use of powerful sedative during police calls AP
Medical companies warn PPE situation 'not sustainable' Reuters
Scientists examine filthy source in effort to stop virus Getty Images
This Disney dinnerware set sold out everywhere last year -- and it's back Toynk Toys
Derek Jeter: 'No trust' between MLB players, owners Getty Images
City known for its nightlife imposes curfew amid alarming virus surge Getty Images
Report: Global coronavirus cases exceed 11 million Getty Images
Not since World War II has MLB taken this step Getty Images
Cautionary tale of woman who ended up in hospital Getty Images

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