Trump signs bill to aid federal workers after shutdown Getty Images
San Francisco pier shooter seeks gun charge dismissal AP
Man charged in plot to attack WH with anti-tank rocket Getty Images
ACLU: Government mistakenly wanted to deport veteran ACLU of Michigan
Journalist for Iranian TV arrested during visit to U.S. AP
TV host suffers wardrobe whoops on live broadcast Twitter
TV actor's scandal drove wedge between the cast Boredom Therapy
Pastor makes surprising claim about ‘heaven’ ASSOCIATED PRESS
Research: Prolonged use of drug raises stroke, heart attack risk Getty Images
Pastor loses job after church sign message Hotaik Sung via Getty Images
Attraction raises eyebrows with giant croc activities YouTube
Conjoined twins discuss their lives as teens NBC via Getty Images
Ex-Secret Service agent reveals the real Barack Obama Scott Olson via Getty Images
Woman goes viral for racist demand at doctor's office Facebook
This pregnant mom received some stunning news Youtube
Popular collectible item is shockingly worthless Getty Images
Woman tells Duchess Meghan that she  looks like a 'fat lady' Getty Images
Odd object washes up on coastline, baffles authorities Boredom Therapy
25 of the world's most gorgeous news reporters Getty Images
After checking baby monitor, mom can’t believe what she sees MartinPrescott via Getty Images
'Octomom,' made famous in 2009, and her kids look so different now Getty
This animal is much more likely to kill you than a shark Getty
The Rock takes aim and speaks out on one group of people NBC via Getty Images
Only a true baby boomer can pass this quiz -- can you? Getty Images
Teen kidnapped by teacher speaks at his sentencing AP
A woman’s festive photos of her dog are hysterical shironosov via Getty Images
Age-defying celebrity is actually almost 80 Getty
'To Catch a Predator' host Chris Hansen arrested Getty Images
Actual purpose of hole in pot handle will change your life Getty
20 touching photos of shelter animals realizing they've been adopted Getty Images
Michael Strahan makes decadent offer to Clemson after fast-food feast Getty Images
Extremely common surgery is 'deadly' if you're over age 50 Getty Images
50 must-visit restaurants serving delicious seafood Getty Images
Item in your pantry keeps pesky mice out of the house Getty
Shocking food item was just recalled for contamination Reuters
State where 45.8 percent of adults live with parents Getty
Insiders reveal when Jeff Bezos' wife found out about his affair Getty Images
These rare vintage photos will take you back in time Getty Images
America's coldest city recorded a temp of minus-66 Getty Images
The one ingredient linked more to obesity than fats Getty
Banking sector's worst nightmare has arrived Getty Images
NFL running back who absolutely hated his  nickname AP
Kathy Bates reveals she's lost 60 lbs. over the past few years: See photos Getty Images
Genius car hacks that you won't learn at the mechanic Getty Images
All the groups that are considered the greatest rock bands in history Getty Images
Real reason behind diamond-shaped tab on backpacks Facebook
Simple exercise is life-threatening if you're over 50 Getty
The one product all patients with arthritis should have in their home Getty Images
Duchess Meghan is a total showstopper in sequin gown for charity event Getty Images
One 'rule' may be the secret to cleaning out closet Getty
NASA mission may decide if humans can reach Mars Boredom Therapy
Kim Zolciak’s daughter posts 'before lips' pic as 'proof' of her looks Instagram
Your zodiac sign's best personality trait explained Getty
Surprisingly easy stretch can greatly reduce back pain Getty
Alabama QB Jalen Hurts announces transfer decision Getty Images
Owner finds a sixth-grader's note after a hit-and-run damaged his car franckreporter via Getty Images
Shocking reason Americans are moving to Florida Getty
Most popular guess for 'Masked Singer' rabbit says you're all wrong Getty Images
US city's median household income tops $220,000 Getty
Wait until you see what the original Mouseketeers look like now Getty
Revealed: This was the top-selling NFL jersey of 2018 Getty Images
Shocking number of Americans won't get Social Security Getty
Big issue that is concerning many mothers after C-sections Getty
Attorney gives update on Calif. torture house kids AP
World-ranked rider, 25, dies after tragic accident at show Getty Images
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