3 National Guard members dead in helicopter crash Getty Images
'You're a damn liar': Outraged Biden confronts voter Reuters
Ohio soy farmer looks to unseat a top Trump ally AP
R. Kelly hit with bribery charge over Aaliyah marriage AP
Royal family issues rare statement on Queen Elizabeth retirement rumors Getty Images
7 people dead in Calif.  from flesh-eating bacteria Getty Images
Entitled woman assaults a child but a hero intervenes Flickr
Simone Biles posts steamy pics from trip with boyfriend @simonebiles/Instagram
Common skin condition could raise your risk for Alzheimer's disease Getty
Why you need to sleep with soap under your sheets Twitter
Kate Middleton shares cutest update on Prince Louis Getty Images
Man drove over their snowman, but family got the best revenge Annie Otzen via Getty Images
Reporter's question about Trump riles up Nancy Pelosi Reuters
Worker who spots suspicious man with baby uncovers dark truth Barbara Alper via Getty Images
Kylie Jenner flaunts curves in skintight white bodysuit Instagram
Hikers find horse alone in the woods and are stunned by his face Imgur
Angry North Korea threatens to revive Trump nickname Reuters
TSA agent who spots shocking sight has to ask tough questions Facebook
Trump 'shocked' after Clinton offered him help Getty Images
40 southern phrases Northerners don't understand Bravo via Getty Images
Sherman defends 49ers announcer's skin color remark Getty Images
Hollywood director murdered, police suspect major star Bettmann via Getty Images
Nancy Grace gives her candid thoughts on celebs in college admissions scandal Getty Images
Jeweler outs bride-to-be for exactly the monster she is boonchai wedmakawand via Getty Images
Report: Meghan and Harry bring Archie on secret trip to the United States Getty Images
Nadia Comaneci: world's best gymnast 40 years later Earl Gibson III via Getty Images
Timberlake makes public apology to wife Jessica Biel Reuters
People are rubbing dryer sheets on hair with great results AOL
Melania Trump turns heads with bold look to meet British royals Getty Images
Entitled woman mistakes buffet customer for server Enes Evren via Getty Images
Biden ad features world leaders laughing at Trump ITN
Chilling photos of the Romanovs last days before their death Laski Diffusion via Getty Images
Trudeau reportedly met with Trump to discuss video AP
The most bizarre home remedies that actually work Pinterest
Ex-girl group star meets destiny on 'The Masked Singer' Getty Images
Creepy photos that experts still can't explain Veronique DURRUTY via Getty Images
Maren Morris flashes bare baby bump in new bikini photo on Instagram Instagram
Deadly tribe did the unthinkable when men drifted too close Flickr
Watch Florida man jump 12 vehicles in wild car accident Crystal Ford Lincoln
Doctors tell mom in labor that they're taking her baby Boredom Therapy
30 vintage Jaguars sat long-forgotten in greenhouse Beaulieu Garage
Disabled woman harassed by HOA until she's had enough Nikola Ilic via Getty Images
Michelle Obama opens up on Sasha's college sendoff Reuters
Woman with days to live whispers 5 shocking words to boyfriend Imgur
Ousted Panthers coach reveals his biggest regret Getty Images
Female surf instructor called a distraction RICHARD BOUHET via Getty Images
Deadly defect found in version of Takata airbags Getty Images
The Coke hacks everyone wishes they'd known before Twitter
Lori Loughlin and husband attend high-profile funeral amid scandal Getty Images
New scans of the pyramids reveal a strange sight hidden inside Twitter
Prince Charles' plan to 'trim' down royal family revealed Getty Images
Tom Cruise's private jet puts air force one to shame John Phillips via Getty Images
Why this classic car nameplate will soon disappear Buick
40 common foods that diabetics should always eat Andrew Francis Wallace via Getty Images
L.A. to pay $4M to woman who fell in sewage sinkhole AP
Once Hollywood legends, now they're working regular jobs Amy Sussman via Getty Images
Robert Redford seen waiting at the Vatican to meet Pope Francis Getty Images
Woman attacked at campsite makes a desperate move to survive Imgur
LeBron James gets away with absurd, obvious violation Reuters
Henry VIII’s fourth wife took this secret to her grave Christophel Fine Art via Getty Images
Eddie Murphy reveals how people react to him having 10 children: Watch EllenTube
Patients whose chilling last words made nurses' blood run cold MartinPrescott via Getty Images
Receiver from Kaepernick event signs with NFL team AP
30 famous married couples who met in high school Pinterest
Kate Middleton dazzles while welcoming Trumps to palace Getty Images
Now we know why William and Kate seem different Chris Jackson via Getty Images
Emma Stone and 'SNL' producer are engaged: Photo! Getty Images
Woman demands 'worker's' arrest, loses her job in the end Marco Baass via Getty Images
Pantone announces its pick for 2020 Color of the Year Getty Images
No one stayed at this resort, and the reason is chilling Sean Gallup via Getty Images
LeBron says he had a 'malfunction' after egregious violation Getty Images
Man gets revenge on his childhood bully and takes it too far PeopleImages via Getty Images
Video: Deputy mistakenly shoots suspect's mother Greenville County Sheriff's Office
Bizarre laws in Japan that make visiting awkward Paulo Fridman via Getty Images
Now we know what will happen when Charles becomes King Chris Jackson via Getty Images

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