Gillibrand reaches a decision on 2020 presidential run AP
U.S. Coast Guard misses paycheck due to shutdown Getty Images
3 Pa. children struck by SUV at school bus stop identified GoFundMe
MSU president says Nassar victims are 'enjoying' spotlight Getty Images
Ocasio-Cortez rips ex-GOP governor's tax analogy Getty Images
Philadelphia Eagles make quarterback decision official Getty Images
Robert De Niro has confirmed some very sad news Presley Ann via Getty Images
Experts found 1,500-year-old painting of Jesus DEA / ARCHIVIO J. LANGE via Getty Images
Famous star comes out as 'pansexual' in new interview Getty
Woman gave birth to 9 kids while captive for 19 years Youtube
Beloved ABC show being revived at another network AP
Beloved actor that was affected by Alzheimer's disease Getty
Patrick Swayze’s widow has found love again ASSOCIATED PRESS
POTUS spars with Pelosi on Twitter amid shutdown Reuters
Popular burger chain faces massive closures in the U.S. Getty
Will Smith's daughter revealed the truth about her father ASSOCIATED PRESS
These items at the dollar store are shocking steals Getty Images
Traveler tried to transport 18 severed heads Bloomberg via Getty Images
The key to a good marriage may really surprise you MaximFesenko via Getty Images
'Fixer Upper' fans shocked by this new picture of baby Crew Getty Images
Identity of a 160-year-old body has been revealed Milan Markovic via Getty Images
Unexpected drink may help to combat insomnia Getty Images
Cozy up your home with this luxury throw blanket that is majorly on sale Sponsored
Archaeologists in Egypt make incredible discovery KHALED DESOUKI via Getty Images
5 tax deductions that could save you big bucks this year Getty Images
Carrie's nearly-nude gown showed off more than she wanted Getty
Early warning sign cancer is growing inside your body Getty Images
The No. 1 quietest dog breed may surprise you Getty
Toddler found frozen to death outside N.H. home AP
'Bizarre' symptom may be a sign you have a brian tumor Getty Images
There's no excuse for this horrible birthday cake fail Give It Love
Child falls out of moving car in shocking video Newsflare
Successful 'AGT' contestant is now worth $120M Getty Images
Man bought old log cabin for $100 --  what he did with it was extraordinary Getty Images
Trump's favorite poll shows plunge in approval rating Reuters
Rarely seen Vietnam photos tell war's intimate story Getty
Fruit named 'gift of the gods' is packed with many anti-cancer benefits Getty Images
Julianne Hough speaks candidly about issue in her marital sex life Getty Images
You may die early if your fingernails have this little detail Getty
Southern state has its own version of the 'Grand Canyon' Getty
Report: Kidnapping suspect held teen girl under bed Reuters
Test your World War II knowledge with this quiz Getty
Median sales price for homes in most expensive zip code is $3,750,000 Getty Images
Kim K. wears totally see-through lace jumpsuit for John Legend's birthday Twitter
We had no idea this famous celebrity was adopted Getty
The No.1 most-hated airport in the United States is ... Getty Images
Lisa Rinna stuns in teeny bikini at 55 Instagram
You won't believe these bathroom renovations are real Pinterest
NFL athlete made his arrest part of his career in comedy Getty Images
Meghan McCain's 'The View' debate divides internet Twitter
Why the real-life Michael Oher doesn't like the 'The Blind Side' Getty
Horror movie from the 60s is ranked the worst of all time Getty Images
Minnie Driver's fans express concern over weight in new Instagram photo Instagram
Are these women the most beautiful in the entire world? Reuters
Viewers reveal the worst HGTV show in new ranking Getty
Netflix announces price increase for U.S. subscribers Getty Images
Best time to make a retirement account withdrawal Getty Images
Photos taken right before disaster will make you gasp It's The Vibe
Martha Stewart reveals what Snoop Dogg gave her for the holidays Getty Images
First symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis you definitely don't want to miss Getty
Former first lady who was diagnosed with breast cancer Reuters
Anna Faris reveals what Chris Pratt texted her after his recent proposal AP
8 subtle breast cancer symptoms you should look out for Getty
Irish island tops list of places that are restricting tourists Getty Images
Explosion takes down Tappan Zee Bridge on Hudson AP
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