Trump cancels U.S. delegation's trip to key global summit AP
Ski resort says 2 people were pulled from avalanche AP
Jury awards hotel dishwasher $21M following firing Reuters
Gladys Knight criticized over Super Bowl gig Getty Images
Verdict reached in college student murder trial Temple University Police/AP
Netflix announces price increase for U.S. subscribers Getty Images
Real-life Noah's Ark set sail before disaster struck Reuters
New claim about Great Pyramids' origins could change history Boredom Therapy
20 little-known McDonald's hacks to save money Getty Images
Football team sees danger, leaps from bus to help Getty Images
Betty White turns 97, celebrates with hilarious quote about A-list actor Getty Images
College professor's experiment ruins a student's life Boredom Therapy
Popular canned food is destroying your health Getty Images
Comedian reveals he snorted drugs tainted with HIV-positive blood Getty Images
Abandoned campsite leaves cops aghast at who it belongs to Boredom Therapy
'Lost' painting hidden in fake wall is worth millions Getty Images
Rest of Michelle Obama's look caused an 'uproar' from the public Getty Images
Why the Vatican keeps a document hidden from world Boredom Therapy
People who find a rubber band on their door should call the police Getty
Trump fires back at Pelosi's call to delay State of the Union Reuters
Key to infamous missing persons case found on Google Maps Boredom Therapy
Desolate desert town is now a major world city Getty Images
Get two pairs of Airpod rivals for under $75 Getty Images
Man pulls weird eggs from log that hatch in his hand Boredom Therapy
Popular collectible item is shockingly worthless Getty Images
Update emerges on Jeff Bezos and his alleged mistress Getty Images
One state is by far the most dangerous in America Getty Images
New evidence sheds light on the Alcatraz escape Getty
Fisherman gets nasty surprise from his prized catch Getty Images
3 vaccines every single person with arthritis should get Getty
The real reason people wake up with weird bruises Getty Images
All eyes were on Kaley Cuoco's dress with plunging neckline Getty Images
Company founded in 1946 now has 255,000 employees Getty Images
Rescuers hunting boy lost underground spot key clue Vladimir Zapletin via Getty Images
Elizabeth Hurley left little to the imagination in see-through mini dress Getty
Rarely seen Vietnam photos tell war's intimate story Getty
20 strange facts about 'The Ed Sullivan Show' you didn't know Getty
White House: Shutdown costlier than anticipated Getty Images
Grim reality for many marijuana stock investors Getty
Incredibly easy hot glue gun tricks will change your life Getty Images
Liam Neeson's nephew dies 5 years after suffering tragic fall: Details Getty Images
Celebs with weird side hustles fans never knew about Money Versed
Greeks likely to blame for myth about Vikings Getty Images
Twitter rips into Megyn Kelly over jury duty tweet NBC
Gum disease is thought to trigger this one very common condition Getty
Newly single bride goes online with wild proposition Getty Images
Ben Affleck seen for the first time this year: Pictures! Getty Images
'Bizarre' symptom may be a sign you have a brain tumor Getty Images
Only history buffs will be able to name the dictators in this quiz Getty
Why ex-mistress of El Chapo was 'traumatized' Reuters
Peculiar items you can actually mail without a box Getty Images
Amazon's next multi-billion dollar business revealed Reuters
Prince Philip, 97, involved in car accident: Details Getty Images
These are the hottest items on Amazon right now AP
Worst earthquake of all time resulted in 830,000 deaths Reuters
Report finds key group is losing faith in Trump's America Getty Images
Couple has one of the biggest age gaps in Hollywood Getty
Infamous film was banned in major US cities after protests Getty
Cohen says he rigged polls 'at the direction of' Trump AP
U.S. city recorded a temperature of 80 degrees below zero Reuters
Teen wants NASA to let her perform perilous mission Getty Images
Rihanna set to launch new project that hasn't been done since 1987 Getty Images
US states where Alzheimer’s disease is rapidly increasing Getty
Stomach-churning item found in McD's hamburgers AP
National magazine calls for Trump's impeachment Getty Images
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