Senate easily passes sweeping criminal justice bill AP
Michael Flynn judge's blunt tirade startles courtroom AP
Meghan Markle's estranged brother sends her card Getty Images
Group displays anti-religious sign next to nativity Twitter/@10NewsAarons
L.A. Chargers lead all NFL teams in Pro Bowl selections Getty Images
Penny Marshall's ex, Rob Reiner, reacts to her death at 75 Getty Images
People who find a rubber band on their door should call the police Getty
Only someone with an IQ of 130 can pass this quiz -- can you? Getty Images
Beth Chapman reveals tragic news about her health Getty
'Wheel Of Fortune' audience stunned by player's scheme Getty
Chris Matthews predicts Trump could resign Chip Somodevilla via Getty Images
Experts have discovered who built Stonehenge Getty
Actual purpose of hole in pot handle will change your life Getty
Megan Fox slammed over this picture of her sons Getty
10 ways people in the 1800s kept warm in the winter Alberto Guglielmi via Getty Images
Fans spot awkward moment between Harry and Meghan Getty
Pizza worker sees coded message, calls the cops Getty Images
Moon footprints don't match Neil Armstrong’s boots Detlev van Ravenswaay via Getty Images
'Furious' Gayle King may leave 'CBS This Morning': Report Getty Images
Mick Jagger made one unbelievable purchase while high on LSD Getty Images
These luxury bamboo sheets are on mega sale today Sponsored
A farmer reaped revenge after his sons' execution Murray Close via Getty Images
'Prominent' symptom of lung cancer you should never, ever ignore Getty Images
Kim Kardashian rocks completely see-through dress in sultry Instagram Instagram
Garbage man's treatment of dog caught on camera Bloomberg via Getty Images
Unexpected drink may help to combat insomnia Getty
Lincoln is bringing back one of its famous features Getty Images
Man claims to have found the missing MH370 plane Getty
Don't do this when you're hiring a new financial adviser Getty Images
Reporter battling cancer fired while on medical leave YouTube
Fruit linked to lower risk of diabetes, certain cancers and heart disease Getty Images
Simple exercise drastically reduces chronic back pain Getty
U.S. state becomes first with female-majority legislature Getty Images
20 rare genetic features you’re unlikely to have ajr_images via Getty Images
Popular workout activity is deadly if you're over 50 Getty
Greatest threat to Trump's re-election campaign revealed AP
Here's the true reason Michael Oher doesn't like the 'The Blind Side' Getty
Genius car hacks that you won't learn at the mechanic Getty Images
Duchess Meghan's mom not invited to royal Christmas Getty Images
See where Tabitha from 'Bewitched' is today Getty Images
Everyday food was just recalled for contamination Reuters
'Crazy Rich Asians' star Gemma Chan is quietly dating a famous heartthrob Getty Images
Worst earthquake of all time resulted in 830,000 deaths Reuters
15 beloved food chains that may not survive in 2019 AP
‘AGT’ fan favorite signs massive record deal with Simon Cowell Getty Images
Where are the cast members of 'That '70s Show' today? Getty
Cat is playing 'secretary' to an unlikely boss
Stark difference between Trump, Obama's eating habits AP
'Cheap' item at Costco is actually a complete scam Getty
These pool noodle hacks will totally change your life Getty Images
Pet porcupine clings to little girl's leg in viral video Instagram/Megan Blackburn
Research: Spice has found to have many anti-inflammatory benefits Getty Images
These shocking roommate pranks are downright evil Getty
Duchess Meghan shows off growing baby bump in form-fitting dress Getty Images
Odd sights at stores will make you scratch your head Reddit
Popular canned food is destroying your health Getty Images
Terrifying video shows man pushing stranger into traffic CCTV
15 shocking ways alcohol affects you after you turn 40 Getty Images
Horrifying signs the FBI is secretly spying on you Getty
People are going after Stephen Miller for one reason AP
Companies that use packaging to trick customers Reddit
3-word answer on math test is too funny not to laugh Getty
'Laverne & Shirley' star turned major director Penny Marshall dies at 75 Getty Images
These are the best and worst CEOs of 2018 Reuters
Sponsors ditch Fox News host Tucker Carlson after recent comments AP
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