Trump DID sign a letter of intent for Moscow hotel CNN
Trump says he is eager to sign major criminal justice bill AP
Elon Musk unveils his test car tunnel in Los Angeles AP
Trump forced to give up Tim Tebow Broncos helmet AP
U.S. is among top 5 deadly countries for journalists AP
'The Voice' season 15 winner revealed NBC
A disturbing new trend is sweeping college campuses SeventyFour via Getty Images
Only someone with an IQ of 130 can pass this quiz -- can you? Getty Images
Tragic new details come out about Prince Harry's reaction to Diana's death Samir Hussein via Getty Images
Strange bundles showing up in cars have simple explanation Money Versed
Kim Kardashian rocks completely see-through dress in sultry Instagram Instagram
Pregnant woman cancels baby shower for saddest reason Lauren Bates via Getty Images
The No. 1 quietest dog breed may surprise you Getty
Stark difference between Trump, Obama's eating habits AP
Frequently feeling cold may signal a serious condition Getty
NBA dancers speak out on the dark side of their job ASSOCIATED PRESS
Sponsors ditch Fox News host Tucker Carlson after recent comments AP
Here's what life is really like for these conjoined twins YouTube
Hilarious beach photos will have you cracking up Reddit
Dakota Johnson's gorgeous dress with deep neckline stole the show FADEL SENNA via Getty Images
Get the red carpet look with 80% off this elegant jewelry set Sponsored
Fruit linked to lower risk of diabetes, certain cancers and heart disease Getty Images
The No. 1 'worst' airport in the United States is... Getty Images
Group displays anti-religious sign next to nativity Twitter/@10NewsAarons
Expert: See your doctor ASAP if you notice this common cancer sign Getty Images
Common behavior is a classic sign of sociopathy Getty
Tragic detail about Parkland shooting comes to light Getty Images
This sea creature is one of the most dangerous living things on earth Getty Images
Reason plane cabin lights are dimmed should terrify you Getty
Greatest threat to Trump's re-election campaign revealed AP
Amateur treasure hunter uncovers a life-changing find Getty
What this chihuahua is wearing will make you smile Elles Rijsdijk / EyeEm via Getty Images
People are going after Stephen Miller for one reason AP
Old item found in couple's wall leaves them dumbstruck Getty
You may have a sleep disorder if you notice this one symptom Getty
Makeover transforms former rocker into a stud The Rachael Ray Show
See where Tabitha from 'Bewitched' is today Getty Images
Husband catches wife in revealing outfit right after giving birth Getty
Gorgeous electric Audi should have Tesla worried Drew Phillips / Autoblog
Town sets up new speed camera, issues 58,568 tickets in 2 weeks Google
This glazed ham will become a classic holiday recipe AOL
Celebrity chefs who have made unsavory moves Getty
Research: Spice has found to have many anti-inflammatory benefits Getty Images
Popular U.S. retailer wants to cash in on Sears' downfall Getty Images
Unlikely partners team up for unique new restaurant Getty Images
Where are the iconic Brat Pack actors these days? Getty Images
'Laverne & Shirley' star turned major director Penny Marshall dies at 75 Getty Images
Only one player has hit 50 home runs, 50 doubles in a season Getty
3-word answer on math test is too funny not to laugh Getty
Farm connected to big E. coli outbreak recalls more items Getty Images
Dark secret JFK tried to hide while president may stun AP
Myths about adoption everyone should know Getty Images
Storm threatens East Coast at peak of holiday travel Reuters
Actors who were also extremely talented athletes AP
Deficiency of one vitamin leads to higher levels of arthritis pain Getty Images
Pet porcupine clings to little girl's leg in viral video Instagram/Megan Blackburn
Throwback photos of royals will leave you speechless Getty Images
'Life-threatening' surgery to avoid if you're over 50 Getty
U.S. state becomes first with female-majority legislature Getty Images
These celebrity estates still make boatloads of cash Afro Newspaper/Gado via Getty Images
The 40 most delicious beers in America ranked Getty
Michael Flynn judge's blunt tirade startles courtroom AP
Group of people hold wake for surprising reason ALFSnaiper via Getty Images
Ten states have laws that allow people to redeem bottles for money AP
Penny Marshall's ex, Rob Reiner, reacts to her death at 75 Getty Images
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