Trump to Pelosi: I'm moving forward with SOTU speech AP
Ex-Trump lawyer Cohen to delay public testimony Reuters
Arrest made in case of incapacitated Arizona woman AP
David Hogg rips Sanders' defense of Kentucky students AP
Bryan Singer slams 'homophobic' new report detailing alleged misconduct Getty Images
Stadium to sell beer at incredible price during Super Bowl AP
Boy grows out hair, then tragedy strikes Facebook
14 slow cooker meals for easy weeknight dinners Getty
Ring believed to belong to Pontius Pilate is identified duncan1890 via Getty Images
One of America's native dogs is one of the world's rarest Reuters
Davidson drops crude joke about ex Ariana Grande's past sex life AP
Can you identify all 50 US states in this geography quiz? Getty
Star gets real about her 'nontraditional family' with lesbian mom, gay brothers Getty
Trump announces a new slogan to push the border wall AP
The best foods to eat if you have high blood pressure Getty
5 tax deductions that could save you big bucks this year Getty Images
Harris is obsessed with these $50 shoes -- and owns at least 7 pairs IPx
Star who stunned crowd in a 'daring' red carpet look AP
A NASA Scientist thinks aliens have visited Earth piyaset via Getty Images
Woman found safe after disappearing following night out Boston Police Dept.
These lightweight earbuds are over half off right now Sponsored
Star allegedly cheated on wife with assistant Getty Images
How to make the perfect scrambled eggs the 'right' way Getty
Sherri Shepherd, 51, flaunts 25-pound weight loss in sexy swimsuit Instagram
Americans with these last names could be royals PA
How to remove stubborn stains from your toilet Getty
Celebs join Kimmel for a ‘halftime tribute’ to Trump Getty Images
New list names the 15 worst U.S. states for retirement Getty Images
Age-defying celebrity is actually almost 80 Getty
Democrat defends labeling Trump as 'Grand Wizard' Getty Images
Popular canned food is destroying your health Getty Images
These 43 facts about the Civil War will terrify you Getty
'Art of the Deal' co-author predicts end of gov't shutdown Getty Images
Biggest box office disaster lost $183 million in theaters Touchstone Pictures
These celebrities' disappearances were never solved Twitter
Sarah Palin blasts Alyssa Milano for comparing MAGA hats to the KKK Getty Images
Midwest state ranked least literate in the United States Getty Images
Household items that could secretly be worth a fortune Getty Images
Lara Trump called out for praising furloughed workers AP
Kendall Jenner and Willow Smith bare legs for sexy new fashion campaign Stuart Wetizman
Team goes viral for wild synchronized cycling routine Storyful
Do you remember these 1970s TV moments as well as you think? Getty
These are the kids of the most iconic rockers ever Jeff Kravitz via Getty Images
Here's why you rarely see Prince William and Harry's other siblings Getty Images
Never, ever buy these 10 home products Getty
Trump's most controversial insults through the years Getty Images
James Gandolfini's son, 19, cast as Tony Soprano in 'The Sopranos' prequel Getty Images
City with the lowest poverty rate is on the West Coast Getty Images
Insane behind-the-scenes pics reveal how 'The Matrix' was actually filmed Warner Bros.
Ben Stein likens Ocasio-Cortez rhetoric to Hitler's Getty Images
MLB icon tallied 317 strikeouts in his final season Getty Images
The one strict rule Duchess Kate must always follow Getty
Angry construction worker destroys hotel lobby Inside Edition
Simple exercise is life-threatening if you're over 50 Getty
Where the couples from the 'Bachelor' series are now Getty
Alec Baldwin enters plea in parking spot harassment case Getty Images
Shocking reason Americans are moving to Florida Getty
This Chinese emperor ended up dirt poor via Getty Images
NFL moved refs from hotel after Saints-Rams fiasco Getty Images
Top-selling vehicle of 2018 was a full-size pickup truck Getty Images
Shocking changes to your body you'll see after you quit smoking Getty
Comedian and 'Broad City' writer Kevin Barnett dies at age 32 Getty Images
This retirement mistake could cost you over $660K Getty Images
Former president once stole Kelly Clarkson's spotlight Getty
Inside the emotion-heavy season finale of 'The Conners' Getty Images
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