Navy SEALs, Marines charged in Green Beret's death U.S. Army
Judge delays ruling on CNN reporter's WH credential AP
Pelosi slammed by Dem who might run for speaker AP
Man spurs mass panic with Trump, Hitler chant at play Rich Scherr
Tigers stadium worker who spit in pizza is sentenced Getty Images
Kim Porter, mother of Diddy's kids, dead at 47: Report Getty Images
5 Social Security changes that are coming in 2019 Getty Images
Hikers are believed to disappear at this site more than anywhere else Getty Images
Troubling rumors continue to swirl around Hayden Panettiere AP
Plant requiring little care will purify the air in your home Getty
Seemingly safe item can totally destroy your dryer Getty
Country queen stole the show with her sultry makeup look at 2018 CMAs Getty Images
What most people never realized about Freddie Mercury Getty Images
The No. 1 'best' state in America for retirees is ... Getty Images
A fight may soon explode over Trump's tax returns Getty Images
Fruit named 'gift of the gods' is packed with many anti-cancer benefits Getty Images
Common pain pill is actually extremely dangerous for you Getty
Steelers players ransack Bell's locker for shoes, clothing Getty Images
Real truth behind the Viking culture will shock you Getty
Profession with highest divorce rate may surprise you Getty
Actress who played youngest 'Cosby' child finally reacts to verdict Getty Images
This gorgeous watch just had a major price drop Getty Images
The cast kept plenty secrets during the filming of 'The Rifleman' Getty
4 retirement rules every American should live by Getty Images
Report: CEO of 'struggling' lingerie retailer is resigning Getty Images
College saw huge 377 percent spike in applications Reuters
Baffling optical illusions will play tricks on your mind Getty
Monica Lewinsky got Bill Clinton's attention with this subtle move Getty Images
Women with this disease may take longer to get pregnant Getty Images
Genius hacks for Coca-Cola that you never realized Getty
Roy Clark country music legend tragically dies at  85 Getty Images
'Healthy' food may be making your migraine worse Getty Images
The most surreal natural wonders Earth has to offer Getty
Officials: Cleveland reporter killed in murder-suicide YouTube
Doctors: Psoriatic arthritis patients should never, ever delay treatment Getty Images
Do you know what happened to these 'Cheers' cast stars? Getty
Popular U.S. retailer wants to cash in on Sears' downfall Getty Images
5 exercises perfect for arthritis patients that go way beyond yoga Getty Images
Transportation cost in one city exceeds $1,000 per month Getty
Bankrupt retailer may stay open during the holidays Getty Images
Watch: Payback for driver who struck motorcyclists Brian Fisher
Offensive products that were pulled due to outrage Twitter
Popular household item cleans just about everything Getty
Gabrielle Union, Dwyane Wade reveal daughter's exotic name Instagram
This WWE star ditched wrestling for comic books Getty
How much you should invest in marijuana stocks Getty Images
Jim Carrey calls out Mark Zuckerberg in scathing tweet Getty Images
Richest US state's median household income tops $80K Getty
Signs you may be thinking about Social Security benefits all wrong Getty Images
A-list star says she 'would throw up' if she met face-to-face with Trump Getty Images
US city added more than 24,000 jobs over the last 5 years Getty
Family buys $3 bowl, faints when they turn it over Boredom Therapy
Indiana woman enters plea in trial for bus stop deaths AP
What happened to children put 'on sale' by mother Bettmann/CORBIS
New claim about Great Pyramids' origins could change history Boredom Therapy
Group of Central American migrants reaches U.S. border Getty
Couple gives $400  tip, returns next day  with bigger surprise Getty
Family about to toss old play house finds way better use for it Getty
Ancient 'super-Earth' planet found orbiting nearby star Getty
Famous face you've never seen before Did You Know
Scientists get chills after seeing the wall of an ancient cave Getty
Plus-sized man in heels shows off his impressive moves Storyful
Dogs crave one treat during training Getty
Secret box in attic confirms grandpa's crazy stories Getty
Democrat flips U.S. House seat after dramatic race AP
Natural world wonder should rank No. 1 on your family travel bucket list Getty
Report: Facebook paid for Soros smear campaign AP
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