Trump expected to grant new power to troops at border AP
Palin's attempt to mock Ocasio-Cortez backfires Reuters
Stacey Abrams: Ga. election was neither fair nor free Getty Images
New poll reveals Pelosi as one of politics' most divisive figures AP
Brad Pitt warned Angelina about long custody battle AP
'Dancing with the Stars' result provokes outrage Getty
Ambushed cop did not expect skill of unlikely bystander YouTube
'Cheap' item at Costco is a actually a completely scam Getty
Prince Harry's friends 'have an issue' with his wife Getty
Little-known Netflix hack that'll unlock secret shows Getty
Man hands cashier $2K but she spots the scam instantly Getty
This common item in your carry-on will raise a TSA red flag Getty
Amateur treasure hunter detects the find of a lifetime Getty
These items at the dollar store are shocking steals Getty Images
Major star disses 'DWTS' on Twitter after season finale Getty Images
Large mass found in man's body is sliced open for all to see Getty
Here's what life is really like for these conjoined twins YouTube
New info could lead to re-hiring of Chipotle manager Twitter
Genius car hacks your local dealer won't tell you Getty Images
Simple exercise can rapidly burn calories in no time Getty
John Krasinski calls out Hugh Jackman for flirtatious pics with his wife Getty Images
How to unpack in 10 seconds or less when traveling Getty Images
These vintage ads would never fly in today's world Reddit
Website that will earn you double than a garage sale Getty
Girl, 6, strangled baby brother with a seatbelt: police Getty Images
You shouldn't buy this type of milk from the store Getty
Common eye trait may reveal deadly brain disease Getty Images
Judge bars US from enforcing Donald Trump's asylum ban Reuters
Only 1 in 50 people can pass this quiz about the Civil War Getty Images
Reason plane cabin lights are dimmed should terrify you Getty
Ripa and Strahan face off in ratings — with a clear victor Getty Images
Here's what famous kids from 'The Ellen Show' are up to Getty
Early warning sign cancer is growing inside your body Getty
John Goodman reveals the secret to his weight loss Getty
Largest private donors in American politics revealed Getty Images
Fox News reporter named worst 'DWTS' star ever Getty Images
Trump 'afraid' of visiting troops in a combat zone Reuters
Mind-blowing reason this man buried 42 school buses underground Getty
Waiters genuinely cannot stand being asked one question Thomas Barwick
Jaden Smith confirms rapper is his boyfriend Getty Images
Kevin Love reveals severity of mental health struggles Getty Images
Key ingredient for fluffy eggs can also spark weight loss Getty
Here's how much it really costs to get a financial advisor Getty Images
Only 13 percent of women can pass this quiz -- can you? Getty
Instant classic sees NFL's best light up the scoreboard AP
Inside the strange and fascinating history of Russia Reuters
13 subtle symptoms of lung cancer to look out for Getty
Martha Stewart's first Uber ride was a total disaster, photos go viral Getty Images
Unusual holiday dishes that will satisfy your family Getty
Remote US facility trained Marines for cold weather Getty
Elizabeth Hurley left little to the imagination in see-through mini dress Getty
Tragic new theories have emerged in disappearance of Madeleine McCann PA
A ranking of cities where people go out to eat the most Getty
Student accused of school threat to be deported Upper Darby Police Department
The 10 complicated retirement terms you need to know Getty Images
Twins among the 26 greatest families in pro sports Getty Images
Doctors slam NRA after Chicago hospital shooting AP
Dog pulls herself out of burning home carrying prized item Getty
State boasts 2 of the most dangerous volcanoes in the US Getty
Acosta's press pass feud with Trump comes to an end Getty Images
5 Social Security changes that are coming in 2019 Getty Images
We had zero idea Clooney is friends with this celeb Getty Images
Couple killed on the way to their own wedding Facebook
Japanese billionaire has prediction that will give you chills Getty
One 'rule' may be the secret to cleaning out closet Getty
Trump tries to deflect blowback after admiral attack AP
Stock to purchase as more states legalize marijuana Getty Images
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