8 Things to Cook With Pancake Mix That Aren’t Pancakes

8 Things to Cook With Pancake Mix That Aren’t Pancakes, like Pizza Casserole and Onion Rings
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Mix Up the Mix

Unless you bought one of those 4-6 serving packages of Bisquick or Hungry Jack pancake mix, chances are you still have a lot of mix left over from the last time you bought a box.

What else can you do with this mix? What else can you make? Lots of things, it turns out. Take a look at these eight non-traditional pancake ideas to help use up that pancake mix.

Banana walnut muffin
Banana walnut muffin

1. Pancake Muffins

We’ll start with one that is actually just pancakes, but in a different shape. Fill up a muffin tin with some pancake batter and chocolate chips and bake ‘em up.

Recipe: Family Fresh Meals

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2. Pizza Casserole

All you’ve gotta do for this is assemble some pancake dough in a baking dish with sauce, cheese, and any other toppings you want. Just like magic.

Recipe: Cookies & Cups

kimchi pancake
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3. Kimchijeon

I’m not going to pretend like Krusteaz (as solid as that brand is) is an authority on Korean cooking, but it does have a kimchi pancake recipe that calls for its pancake mix. So there’s that.

Recipe: Krusteaz

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4. Zucchini & Mozzarella Bisquick Quiche

Get fancy with it. Why not, ya know? This is a stunner to drop on the table the next time you host a brunch. If you’re not the hosting kind, don’t worry; this will taste just as delicious if you eat this alone in your bedroom.

Recipe: Bite Your Cravings

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uncooked frozen onion rings on a baking tray.

5. Pancake Onion Rings

Onion rings, meet funnel cake. Funnel cake, meet onion rings. You may kiss the bride.

Recipe: Framed Cooks

Crab Cakes, Faidley Seafood in Baltimore, Maryland
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6. Maryland Crab Cakes

If true Maryland crab cakes require pancake mix, that’s news to me. Sounds great though, and would probably work with hearts of palm for an easy vegan swap, if that’s your thing.

Recipe: Allrecipes


7. Pancake Chicken Tenders

Who says hot dogs are the only meat that gets to be fried up in a sweet baking mix? Pancake mix is a killer in chicken tender batter, and if you mix it with panko just right, you can still get that popping crunch.

Recipe: The Tipsy Housewife


8. Magic Chicken Pie

Imagine a chicken casserole. Now imagine that chicken casserole in the oven. Now, imagine that chicken casserole in the oven suddenly beginning to change and morph into its cousin, chicken pot pie. Once this comes out of the oven, it’s made its own biscuit-like topping and the veggies will be soft and perfect.

Recipe: The Midnight Baker

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8 Things to Cook With Pancake Mix That Aren’t Pancakes, like Pizza Casserole and Onion Rings
Cheapism; creacart/istockphoto; Azurita/istockphoto

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