7-Eleven Joins Long List of Wild Crocs Collaborations

7-eleven crocs
7-Eleven / Crocs

Now that Crocs are trendy, you may spot the company’s newest colorful clogs at the club this fall: 7-Eleven-themed Crocs. The convenience store teamed up with the shoemaker to create four limited-edition Crocs clogs, which are only available through an online lottery.

Of course, this isn’t the first Crocs collaboration. The Colorado-based company has also released Cinnamon Toast Crunch Crocs, Lightning McQueen Crocs, and high-fashion Balenciaga Crocs. Because we can’t get over how bizarre these pairings are, we’ve made a list of the wildest (and best) Crocs collaborations of all time.

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7-Eleven Croc Sandals
7-Eleven / Crocs

Fans can enter to buy the first pair of 7-Eleven Crocs, the $110 Mega Crush Clog, from Sept. 20-22. The loud design features a thick platform outsole, the convenience store's iconic color scheme, and three 7-Eleven-themed Jibbitz charms. If you don’t win that raffle but need that convenience store drip, you can enter a drawing to purchase three other 7-Eleven x Crocs collaborations on Nov. 7: Clean, Classic Sandal Bursting with Flavor; Sport the Stripes with Style; and More Mega, Japanese Flavor. Each limited edition pair of Crocs comes with several 7-Eleven Jibbitz and in a unique silhouette.

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Lightning McQueen Crocs, 2019
Flight Club

In 2019, Crocs released its first Lightning McQueen collaboration, which generated enough buzz (and sales) that the Colorado-based company restocked its Crocs x Cars design this September. The shape is standard, but the red clogs are bedecked with Lightning McQueen's classic decals — not to mention the Pixar character's face. The shoes retailed for $50, though resellers are auctioning them off for over $100.

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Cinnamon Toast Crunch Crocs, 2022
General Mills / Crocs

If you thought 7-Eleven Crocs were ridiculous, then you might have a hard time believing that General Mills teamed up with the trendy shoemaker to bring fans Cinnamon Toast Crunch-themed Crocs in April. Apart from a few cereal-themed Jibbitz, the clogs were designed with the sweet treat's signature cinnamon swirl. They sold out quickly at just $65 a pop, but General Mills dropped a whole series of cereal-inspired Crocs, including Honey Nut Cheerios, Coco Puffs, and Trix Crocs, some of which are still available on Crocs.com and resellers' websites.

Balenciaga Crocs
Balenciaga / Crocs

Balenciaga unveiled its spring 2022 collection in June 2021, surprising fashionistas everywhere with two Crocs collaborations: stiletto heels and rain boots. The boots look, well, like most rain boots and are available in four colors (green, pink, black, and beige). On the other hand, the stilettos, the Crocs Madame (initially called Balenciaga Crocs 2.0), look like standard-issue Crocs clogs with a pillar-like heel. Though supplies were limited following the fashion house's announcement, the boots and stilettos can be had on Balenciaga's website for $895 and $625, respectively. The luxury brand also released another Crocs collaboration in March: the $565 Pool Crocs Slide Sandal.

Hidden Valley Ranch Crocs
Hidden Valley Ranch / Crocs

Hidden Valley Ranch, which has progressed from a mere salad dressing to a seemingly all-purpose condiment, is no longer content to stick to food but is ready to smear itself all over some shoes. The brand joined forces with Crocs and streetwear brand The Hundreds in May 2021 for ranch shoes that look good enough to eat (possibly). The off-white shoes were designed with green speckles (for an uncanny similarity to ranch dressing) and Crocs' Jibbitz charms in the shapes of chicken nuggets, french fries, veggies, and pizza. Fans must have been hungry for more, as Crocs joined forces with Hidden Valley Ranch yet again in September 2021, releasing another ranch-colored clog with the help of rapper Saweetie.

Bad Bunny Crocs, 2020
Bad Bunny / Crocs

After Puerto Rican musician Bad Bunny made waves with his hit album "YHLQMDLG," he followed it up with a trendy Halloween Crocs collaboration in September 2020. Retailing for $60, the Bad Bunny x Crocs featured a glow-in-the-dark design and several Jibbitz inspired by the pop star's award-winning 2020 album. "I believe in being honest and not limiting myself, which is also something that represents Crocs, and this is the message that I always want to be sure to send to my fans," Bad Bunny said in a statement ahead of the exclusive release.

KFC Crocs, 2020
KFC / Crocs

Some would argue that Crocs are funky enough on their own, but that didn’t stop the company from teaming up with KFC in July 2020 to create a “truly original recipe.” Its limited-edition chicken Crocs even came with two charms made to look and smell just like a KFC drumstick. (If you’re asking yourself who would possibly want chicken Crocs, the joke’s on you — they sold out in half an hour.)

Post Malone Crocs in pink
Flight Club

Having collaborated with the brand five times, Post Malone is a Crocs collaboration veteran. His most recent December 2020 iteration, the Post Malone x Crocs Duet Max Clog II, featured Crocs' typical clog design, embellished with a chunky outsole, an adjustable closure, and rivets and lanyard clips. The limited edition Crocs also came in two unique colorways, pink and black, and retailed for $60.

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