7 Bulk Items You Need To Be Buying From Sam’s Club This Season

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Sometimes shoppers can be scared off from buying in bulk for fear food might go bad or rot in hot summer temperatures. They also might think they’ll never use all the items in the package, so it makes no sense to buy in bulk, even if it looks budget-friendly on first glance.

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However, there are some items that experts think are great to buy in bulk from Sam’s Club during the summer and fall months. If you’re headed to Sam’s Club between June and November, here is what should be on your shopping list.

©Sam's Club
©Sam's Club

Member’s Mark Weed and Feed

  • Price: $39.98 for a 40-pound bag

Gardeners take note: Experts say Sam’s Club has a great deal on their store brand Member’s Mark Weed and Feed.

“Sam’s Club usually gets lawn weed and feed in the late summer and early fall,” said Melanie Musson, a consumer finance expert with InsuranceProviders.com. “The prices are less than the sale prices for the same products at home improvement stores and garden centers. It’s best to stock up at the membership stores when you see it, because they won’t carry it for long, and you can’t beat the price.”

Musson is right. At Home Depot, an 11-pound bag of Scotts Turf Builder costs $34.97. That’s about three times the price of the Sam’s Club option per pound.

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©Sam's Club
©Sam's Club

Heinz Picnic Pack

  • Price: $8.98

Stocking up for summer barbecues? Sam’s Club sells a 4-pack of Heinz ketchup — which you get two bottles of — mustard and sweet relish.

“The ketchup, mustard and relish bundles are a steal of a deal,” Musson said. “If you use all three of these condiments, you won’t beat the price when they’re in the package deal.”

That’s no lie: Target sells the exact same package for $27.99.

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©Sam's Club
©Sam's Club

Outshine Fruit Pops Variety Pack

  • Price: $9.98

Summer is not complete without a frozen treat, and experts say you’ll get great deals on those at Sam’s Club. “You can usually get about twice as many [as you would] for the grocery store price,” Musson said.

At Target, 12 of the same brand of popsicles will cost you $5.89. You’re much better off buying the 36-pack at Sam’s Club.

©Sam's Club
©Sam's Club

Member’s Mark BBQ Baked Beans With Brisket

  • Price: $8.78

These are sure to be a crowd pleaser at your next outdoor party.

“These beans are absolutely amazing,” said Gary Gray, the co-founder and CEO of CouponChief. “I usually grab a tub every time I visit Sam’s, then portion it out and freeze it. Honestly, after trying these beans once, I threw out all my homemade recipes. They taste like they’re made from scratch but without all the hassle.”

Reviews of these beans are glowing, with one 5-star review saying, “BBQ Baked Beans are absolutely the best tasting beans you can buy. Also, the size is just right for my family of four.”

©Sam's Club
©Sam's Club

Member’s Mark Ground Chuck Chub

  • Price: $4.28 per pound

Another barbecue staple is hamburgers, and Gray said he recommends buying meat at Sam’s Club to get a great deal. “I usually buy the giant log of ground beef, then split it into one pound bags to freeze,” he said. “This makes meal prep so much easier.”

At Target, one pound of ground beef patties runs $7.99 from their store brand, so you’re saving a ton of cash by buying beef at Sam’s Club.

©Sam's Club
©Sam's Club

Member’s Mark Steamable Broccoli Florets

  • Price: $5.47

Lisa Richards is a nutritionist and author of the Candida Diet. She recommended buying frozen broccoli florets at Sam’s Club, because you’re getting a deal on something that’s great for you.

“Frozen broccoli is an excellent vegetable to have in the fridge for busy fall days,” Richards said. “Easily cook and prepare it for a nutrient-dense side dish to any meal.”

At Sam’s Club, you’ll get four 1 pound packs for $5.47, or $1.37 per pound. At Target, the store brand of frozen broccoli florets will cost you $1.59 for only 12 ounces.

©Sam's Club
©Sam's Club

Member’s Mark Brussels Sprouts

  • Price: $5.88 per pound

Brussels sprouts are considered a cruciferous vegetable, like broccoli and cauliflower,” Richards said. “One unique aspect of this class of vegetables is their nutrient variety and density. They contain both soluble and insoluble fiber, which has benefits in gut health, cholesterol and even weight, to name a few.”

More good news: Sam’s Club has the best deal by far on these veggies. At Target, the store brand of frozen brussels sprouts costs $3.59 for 12 ounces.

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