Leila Jinnah’s bespoke pieces are ethically made and absolutely stunning

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Living in New York can expose someone to new ideas and creations. For milliner Leila Jinnah, the city showed her a side of the fashion industry that she wasn’t expecting. However, it also inspired her to create accessories that break traditions in fashion.

“I had big dreams of being a designer,” Jinnah tells In The Know from her New York City apartment. “I think when you get here and you start learning about the industry, a lot is disillusion.”

Jinnah’s pieces feature somewhat avant-garde aesthetics that are still wearable. Pulling from her Indian and British heritages, she creates everything from beautifully beaded headbands to quirky brim hats. Simply put, the entire line offers a majestic vibe in each piece. Not to mention, it’s all ethically-made.

Shop: HartStar Bandanna, $135

Credit: Leila Jinnah
Credit: Leila Jinnah

“As a society, we don’t always think about where things are being made and who’s weaving that fabric, who’s doing those crystals?” Jinnah explains. “Do they have health insurance? Do they get a lunch break? I don’t think people really think about it.”

Jinnah says that she personally checks in with the people who manufacture her products, ensuring they are being paid a fair wage. Overall, she wants her entire brand to be about centering people and making beautiful things for them.

Shop: Scrunch, $125

Credit: Leila Jinnah
Credit: Leila Jinnah

“It’s just a very delicate process; very slow, but it comes out beautifully,” she says. “I love spending the time to make that happen.”

If you’re looking to spice up your looks, snag any of Leila Jinnah‘s stunning pieces to make a statement.

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