3 products this Hip-Hop dentist recommends for a healthy smile

oral hygiene products
oral hygiene products

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It’s not every day you meet a dentist rapping about oral hygiene and making really good music videos. But Delano Hankins does it because he’s on a mission to make dentistry fun for young people.

The Los Angeles native (he reps his city hard!) has always loved rapping, but he didn’t start rapping seriously until he entered dental school. “At that time, I never let anyone know that I had a passion for Hip-Hop, nor did I put any music out. I was trying to figure out how to merge the two worlds of rapping and dentistry,” Hankins explained to In The Know.

“I always wanted people to know that I am a dentist first before a rapper. I would rather have kids be psyched about my music and go to dental school than just wanting to become another rapper.”

It is with that passion for education and positive change that Hankerson has pledged to solely make music related to dentistry. “We need more inspirational musicians that inspire people to act positively…There are black dentists, but there aren’t enough. Luckily, I’ve been fortunate enough to have a great circle of friends and role models that happen to be black dentists, but others don’t have the chance to experience this.”

“I make dental music videos in order to highlight dentistry as well as Hip-Hop. I wear scrubs in all my music videos in order to promote Black excellence in the field of dentistry,” he explains on the importance of being a role model for young people. “I make these videos in order to inspire the youth to think outside the box. I want kids to know that you can be a professional but still manage to have a down-to-earth personality.”

While rapping with Hankins, we just had to find out some of his favorite dentist-recommended oral hygiene products. Check out his top picks below:

Sholp: Oral-B 1000 CrossAction Electric Toothbrush, $39.97

oral hygiene products
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“I recommend the Oral B electric toothbrush due to its oscillating brush head. Part of the brush head spins to the left while the other spins to the right, sort of mimicking a car wash. In my opinion, it is the most thorough cleaning toothbrush on the market.”

Shop: Reach Waxed Dental Floss, $4.30

oral hygiene products
Credit: Amazon

“I also recommend floss to patients. One of my favorite sayings which I mentioned in my song ‘Brush Your Teeth’ is ‘floss the ones you want to keep’. Flossing is the only method that can thoroughly clean in between your teeth. Most cavities are created from not flossing daily.”

Shop: Waterpik Cordless Water Flosser, $33.50

oral hygiene products
Credit: Amazon

“Another product I recommend to patients is the waterpik. A waterpik cleans build-up (plaque/calculus) in the gums. I want to stress the fact that the waterpik does not replace the act of flossing!”

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