Alice + Olivia's Stacey Bendet talks self-expression through fashion and beauty


Stacey Bendet has been in the business of empowering women through fashion since 2002. The longtime designer recently joined forces with imPress to create a collaboration of press-on manicure sets ranging from neon hues and bold prints.

"The collaboration came about because in our stores and just as a culture we like to dress women head to toe. And when you have the perfect outfit, you need the perfect manicure to go with it. We were doing this concept 'women of the world' and I was like 'let's have nails that represent all of the different cities.' We had done a handbag with the protection evil eye on it and I thought we needed a nail that goes with that. Everything else kind of just organically came together," Bendet told AOL exclusively at the launch in alice + olivia's Meatpacking flagship store.

The alice + olivia CEO and creative director has landed on Vanity Fair's Best-Dressed list multiple times, thanks to her iconic style that proves she has no fear when it comes to her vivid wardrobe. Known for her signature smokey eye and floor-length printed dresses, Stacey Bendet knows how to bring style into all aspects of her life. She understands that your outfit is your armor and that even though beauty is from within, you're still sharing it with the world.

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“Well I think the way you express yourself through your clothes, you do the same thing with your makeup. Sometimes I'm wearing no makeup and a bright red lip and no eye. I always have my signature black eye which is kind of my more fashion look. I think it's important to let women feel their best and part of feeling your best is knowing what exists for you in terms of tools, beauty, and fashion. It's about feeling your best and expression. Every outfit you put on each day and what makeup you put on each day, you're sharing that with the world. It's your way to visually share things with the world and so are your nails. To me it's about uplifting women and self-expression, I want when every woman walks in my store, for her to walk out feeling her best."