'The Voice' champ Brynn Cartelli reveals how Kelly Clarkson's 'American Idol' experience helped her win

Brynn Cartelli revealed how her coach Kelly Clarkson's experience of winning "American Idol" helped mold their strategy that helped her win season 14 of "The Voice" this year.

Speaking exclusively with AOL.com's Gibson Johns the day after becoming the show's youngest-ever champion at age 15, Cartelli said that Clarkson used her first single as inspiration in choosing Brynn's winning original song.

"Our strategy was to get a song to bridge me from who I was on the show to who I’ll be as an artist after the show," Brynn said. "That was what her strategy was [on 'American Idol'] and how she became successful. Her song was 'A Moment Like This' and she was like, ‘Listen, I love that song. It wasn’t very me, but it did what it needed to do to get me where I am today.' That’s what I hope 'Walk My Way' does for me."

Kelly famously won the first season of "American Idol" back in 2002 and has since gone on to become one of the show's most successful contestants ever.

Brynn's first single, "Walk My Way," was easily the best original song of the four finalists this season and was written by Top 40 hitmakers Julia Michaels, Nick Monson and Justin Tranter, who Kelly personally got on board to write the tune for Brynn.

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"I had the option of using one of my own songs or working with writers," Brynn explained of how the original song selection process worked. "Kelly had some writers lined up for me in case I didn’t want to do one of my originals, and I almost did one of my own, but I kept thinking that when it’s my original music, I want it under my name. It’s great to have 'The Voice' on there, but I’d rather it come from my own album. Kelly had some great writers lined up, and, listening to the demo, I had a million ideas how to make it my own and that whole experience of recording it was really magical."

Another crucial lesson that Brynn has taken from Kelly is her coach's natural ability to be herself despite occasional pressure to mold to the industry's expectations of who she should be, and that's something that Brynn hopes she can do as she embarks on her music career.

"I’m a goofball. I’m a hot mess most of the time -- not even a hot mess! I’m a mess. I’m really still that. When I picked up the phone with you, I had a french fry hanging out of my mouth," she said with a laugh. "That’s still me and that’s always going to be me. Kelly has taught me that: She’s a goofball and seeing her pull it off and continue with her craziness really inspires me and shows that I don’t have to change who I am. You just have to be nice to everyone! It sounds so cliche, but it’s really so true."

And Kelly didn't just talk the talk when it came to making sure that Brynn felt comfortable being herself on "The Voice" this season. As Brynn explained to us, the "Love So Soft" singer, who won her inaugural season this year, perfectly towed the line between guiding her path and letting her pave her own way.

"Everything aligned with our relationship. She let me do what I wanted to do a lot and she trusted me with my instincts and went long with it and supported me and coached me," Bryann said. "It’s been really fun to work with her, and she’s given me so much advice on the industry and writing and piecing songs together. She’s really making sure that I’m happy with everything that’s happening, because she doesn’t want to overstep and do too much. She’s doing an amazing job of being there for me, but not being too controlling."

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