Pokemon Go tops the charts, takes over our lives

Pokemon GO - Explore Your Town and Catch Pokemon!

Pokemon Go has now officially taken over the world, and it hasn't even been out for a week. It crashed onto the Android and iOS stores, and has become an overnight success, topping the 'free' charts on the app stores overnight. I guess a lot of people want to catch them all, on the convenience of their phones. The game is not made by usual developer Game Freak, but newcomer Niantic Labs, and this Pokemon game is a giant departure from the norm.

Instead of battling trainers in gyms on a Game Boy or DS, you instead traverse the real world using your phone's GPS and camera to capture Pokemon that are randomly generated about. It's in the top ten on highest grossing apps already, and will probably bring in boat loads of money for Nintendo, which is amazing since it's only their second game for mobile.

You can download Pokemon Go right now and try it out for yourself, but just be warned: you should not go into police stations looking to capture any Mudkips or Squirtles. You might find yourself behind bars for that one.

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