Ford dealership steals Firewatch artwork, regrets it immediately

1 Minute Review of Firewatch
1 Minute Review of Firewatch

Does the art in this ad for a sale on Ford's look familiar? You guessed it, it's a straight rip-off of Campo Santo's and Olly Moss' artwork from their indie title Firewatch, which released to positive reviews earlier this year. The wallpaper was stolen from their old website for...a sale on Ford cars. The promotional material was quickly spotted for included stolen images from the game's artwork.

Shortly thereafter developer Campo Santo and Sean Vanaman had an unofficial statement on the theft:

The plot only thickened from there:

And then finally, we got the final say in the matter. A whole story, in the course of 4 simple tweets, simply amazing:

Do not steal anything that's not yours. That is the moral of the story. And go play Firewatch, it's great.