Save on Summer Seafood


Did you know: You can save on summer seafood if you avoid a few costly catches?

While buying fresh is always ideal, unless you live by a major fishery, any "fresh" seafood you're buying has likely been frozen at some point.

Check the label — if it says "previously frozen" or something similar, that same product can probably be found in the freezer aisle for 40 percent less. And while you're there, buying larger bags of shrimp, scallops, mussels and clams can also reel in similar savings.

But if going frozen isn't your style, there are ways to spot the freshest fish. They should be displayed on a thick bed of ice, with clear eyes and healthy, bright red gills. Lastly, fillets shouldn't be overly soft, with no discoloration, darkening or dry edges.

So look close and shop smart, and you'll be able to catch some great deals on summer seafood.

Originally published