Watch Dogs 2, Dead Rising 4 leak before big E3 reveals

Watch Dogs 2 - Hello World Trailer
Watch Dogs 2 - Hello World Trailer

The week before E3 gives way two things: leaked details of new games to be announced at the show and official statements based on those leaks. We've got plenty of rumors and speculation to sift through today as two big sequels are all but confirmed to appear at E3 2016 next week. There's a lot more of these leaked stories to come, you can be sure of that. There have beenso many alreadyit's hard to count, honestly.

The first leak that broke was Ubisoft's follow-up to their massive hit Watch Dogs. Watch Dogs 2 was supposed to get a full reveal later this week, but the internet spoiled that surprise by leaking all sorts of details about the game, including that it will not not take place in Chicago like the first game, but instead in San Francisco. It also features a new protagonist, a black hacker named Marcus and its release date is now later than anticipated, April 2017. Ubisoft made the trailer available after the news broke, you can watch it above.

The other big leak today and the more surprising of the two, is a sequel to the Dead Rising series. Dead Rising 4 now has a logo, promotional art, and in-game screenshots, which for publisher Capcom will be tough to deny. The last time we saw a Dead Rising game was at E3 a few years ago, on the Microsoft's stage.

All in all, there's quite a bit of excitement surrounding E3's big kickoff, so expect even more coverage very soon!

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