What's the Cheapest Week to Travel this Summer?

The Cheapest Week to Travel this Summer
The Cheapest Week to Travel this Summer

Did you know: The last week of August can have the lowest prices for summer air travel?

Recent studies by Cheap Air and Hopper.com show that the final week before Labor Day is the cheapest time to fly to most destinations. During this time, tickets can be about $40 cheaper per person than in July. For a family of four, that's savings of $160!

Also, book your flights around two months in advance if you want to get the best summer rates.

And it gets even better. According to Orbitz, hotel prices are at their lowest the last week of August as well. Rooms average over $15 less per night than in July. For longer stays, those savings could really add up!

So when it comes to summer travel, remember that the biggest savings come to those who wait!

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