Super Mario joins the world of Minecraft

Two of the most popular titles of all time are teaming up in a game crossover that many have only dreamed of. The billion dollar franchises of Minecraft and Super Mario Bros. are teaming up in a new update, coming to the Wii U in a free patch on May 17th, and will feature many classic Nintendo characters like Toad, Luigi, Princess Peach, the Koopa kids, and of course Mario himself.

The "Super Mario Mash-Up Pack" will contain the ability to fit your characters with the new Nintendo themed skins, as well as any in-game textures and items. It also includes some music from the N64 classic Super Mario 64, making it not only feel authentic, but sound authentic as well. If you're so inclined to wait, a disc version of Minecraft will be coming a month later, on June 17th, for the Wii U, with the Super Mario DLC already on the disc.

It's interesting to see Microsoft and Nintendo working together on this game; ever since Microsoft paid $2.5 Billion for Minecraft developer Mojang Studios. Since then, they've only continued to reach out to other companies to expand the Minecraft license. For more on the futures for both Microsoft and Nintendo, be sure to check out our continuing E3 coverage as we approach the show in June.

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