See the adorable new starters from Pokemon Sun and Moon

Look at how adorable these new Pokemon are!
Look at how adorable these new Pokemon are!

As far as video game franchises go, there's few as long lasting and powerful as the Pokemon series. Over two decades old, the pocket monster catching franchise is still at the top of its game, and is a constant huge seller year in and year out. So for that reason, it should be no surprise that the newest set of games in the series, Pokemon Sun and Moon, is getting some pretty massive fanfare following a recent outbreak of news.

The most substantial of which probably being the release date for the game, which was revealed during a new localized video. According to said video, Pokemon Sun and Moon will arrive November 18th in the US, with a UK release also set for a few days later on November 23rd.

The video also contained a few other notable features, such as box art for the games and confirmation of the starter Pokemon that will kick off the player's next grand adventure. The three starter Pokemon in the game will be: Rowlet, a grass-type owl; Litten, a fire-type kitten; and Poppilo, a water-type seal/clown hybrid. The region too will be a new one for the Pokemon-verse, a tropical island climate very much based on Hawaii.

Pokemon Sun and Moon are sure to be the heavy hitters of the Fall video game season, and one of the biggest games released for the Nintendo 3DS this year. To see more from the game (including the always coveted gameplay footage), check out the video out for yourself below:

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