Watch Dogs 2 details leak out early, before big E3 reveal

Ubisoft kicked off the next generation of games in a big way back in May 2014 with Watch Dogs, a game about hacking and cyber crime in modern day Chicago. The game was a huge hit, marking a personal best for the company when it came to new game launches (only to be bested just a few weeks back with the massive launch of The Division). With that success, it was inevitable that a Watch Dogs sequel would be coming sooner rather than later.

But if this new leak is to be believed, there might be some pretty major changes in store for the series' second time at bat. Actor Cort King posted on his Instagram page an image of a 3D model used in the game, attached with the caption "Had a blast doing motion capture work as the lead character in a new video game series!", confirming the existence of the sequel afterwards with the hashtag "#WatchDogs2." Once the image started to pick up steam, King made his Instagram profile private, although not fast enough to stop Google from creating a cached version of the page. The suspicious image in question is below:

That model does not match the one for the protagonist of the original game, Aiden Pearce, suggesting that there could be a new character in store for players. Of course, nothing can be confirmed until Ubisoft officially releases something for the game, which is likely to happen in just a few short weeks at their E3 press conference. As always, stay tuned for more about the future of Watch Dogs and Ubisoft's upcoming slate in general.

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