The first Titanfall 2 teaser has landed!

The follow-up to one of the most acclaimed new IP's of the new generation of is set to arrive later this year, and we could not be more excited. Yes everyone, prepare for Titanfall 2, our most anticipated game coming out in 2016. EA officially told us what everyone already knew, and set June 12th as the date of the full game's reveal. That is the same day as EA's E3 presser, so everything is lined up for more gameplay and details coming soon. There isn't a whole lot to chew on with this new trailer, but we do know there will be giant mechs with giant swords. At least we have that to hold onto to.

We all knew that Respawn Entertainment was currently in development on the highly buzzed about and critical darling first person shooter, but now EA has confirmed the gaming industry's worst kept secret. But to say Respawn shocked everyone yesterday when they released the first teaser trailer for the game is an understatement. And though the teaser is certainly short (it doesn't even last a full minute), it's certainly enough to get our anticipation pumping for the upcoming game.

Hey, wait a second, wasn't there already a giant mech with a sword? I feel like I've seen that before...

Yeah, that does seem familiar. Anyways, here's the trailer below, and be sure to check back for more E3 news as soon as we get it: