A new Kingdom Hearts mobile game is on the way


Fan anticipation has reached its breaking point for Kingdom Hearts III. We know the game is "in Development" (and have had two trailers literally saying as much), but an exact time frame on release is still far from happening, and with Final Fantasy XV waiting on the wings, Square Enix doesn't seem to be in a rush to get Sora's next adventure out to the masses.

But look on the bright side: though the wait for the actual sequel has now become a decade long endeavor, Square Enix is keeping fans plenty busy with the one-offs, remasters, standalones, and more than enough Final Fantasy content to satiate the hunger from fans. Yet another has been added to the stack of those spin-off games, and is once again a mobile based project.

Entitled Kingdom Hearts Unchained X, the game is right on the horizon, launching tomorrow for both Android and iOS. Officially a prequel to the rest of the games, Unchained X will throw players into the paws of one cat like creature by the name of Chirithy, who exists alongside the first ever Keyblade Wielders. Not a lot more has been revealed about the game, but one brand new world (Daybreak Town) will feature, and gameplay will apparently be centered on collecting medals in live events alongside other players.

For a (somewhat) more in depth look at the game, check out the very brief trailer that was used to announced the game at last year's E3. For a more in-depth look at Kingdom Hearts III click here. And be sure to open up your respective app stores tomorrow to get the game yourself!

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