Yet another Mass Effect Andromeda leak teases jetpacks!


The leaks are coming in fast and furious with Mass Effect Andromeda. Hot off the heels of a big story related leak late last week, another completely separate leak of information spread over on NeoGaf, this time being the being the best kind of leak: an all video one. The 30 second video was posted to Youtube over the weekend, but was quickly taken down (although, for those curious, the full thing is available over at the NeoGaf link.) The good thing though is that you don't even really need the video, as the best and most promising thing in it has already been immortalized in GIF form.

Yes, the clear highlight of the video is what looks to be the included gameplay feature of the jetpack which, despite our mixed reaction last leak, almost instantly puts us back in the game's favor. I mean PLEASE, it's a jetpack. What, are we supposed to be hate it? That's pretty much impossible. And it's the best kind of jetpack too - the one that thrusts people forward in a semi aerial fashion, not the one that simply let's you float above the ground for a few seconds. Yes, this is a serious issue, and I'm glad Bioware chose the good version of the jetpack.

If that's in fact what ends up happening -- the leak in question is reportedly from an in development video dated a few years old. That could easily mean that quite a bit has changed in a game since then. But considering how much work it would take to get a jetpack in the game, that's likely going to stay as a feature (at least to some extent.) And for that we should be excited!

Mass Effect: Andromeda has recently been delayed until 2017, but hopefully we'll get a pretty good game out of it when it finally does arrive. Jetpack inclusion is definitely a good first step to that goal, though.

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