Stunt actress' resume leaks Shadow of Mordor 2, we approve


Sure we are no more than two and a half or so years into the "next-generation" of gaming, but I still think it's pretty surprising to say that Warner Brother's Shadow of Mordor is one of the best games we've played this entire generation. It really wasn't on anybody's radar when it was first announced, with most assuming it would just end up being another licensed, forgettable cash grab of the Lord of the Rings universe. Instead the game became the first true critical hit of the generation, and a substantial financial hit to boot. With both of that under its belt, there's no surprise at all that Warner Bros. would want to make the series a new video game franchise. Heck, the first game ended with a cliffhanger -- can you be more confident than that?

Thankfully it seems that Mordor's confidence was warranted, as new evidence supporting an imminent sequel to the game has surfaced. And as is often the case, the source of the leak comes from a pretty unlikely place -- the resume of one stunt actress by the name of Lauren Mary Kim. The profile, first spotted by Nerd Links, includes "Shadows of Mordor 2" as its latest experience. The most intriguing thing about the title is who she lists as the production company though -- Blur Studios, who are known for work on CGI video game trailers such as Dishonored 2, Mafia III, and more.

So yes, that likely means that Kim did some work not on the game itself, but on a reveal trailer FOR the game. That's as good a confirmation as any though that Shadow of Mordor 2 is happening, and will be revealed pretty dang soon. Maybe at some type of big video game press conference. I don't know, I'm just spitballing here. In any case, as big fans of the first game, we'll be awaiting news on a follow-up with open arms.