The big Street Fighter V update is out, including Alex! Hooray!


We post a lot about Street Fighter, mostly because we love Street Fighter. And so today's 6GB update finally brings us Alex, the first of the six DLC characters, and a host of other new features and tweaks, including the store. So all that fight money you've accumulated can be spent on the new costumes.

If you want to spend real money, you're going to have to wait on that, since that isn't quite ready. But that's okay, because you get free stuff in the meantime! Alex will be completely free for the time being, and as each downloadable character gets launched every month, they'll be free as well, until Capcom introduces the real money option.

If you've played Street Fighter V anytime this week already, you've probably already got the other updates, which were eight player lobbies, a rematch option when playing in ranked mode, the trials to practice and learn combos, and lots of nerdy character buffs and nerds that are too niche to cover here. But trust me, frame data is super important and can cost pro players a lot of money.

The trailer for Alex is below, and when you're done watching it, you can go play in a few hours (at the time of this posting). Otherwise, if you're in the future, you can play it all right now! Or keep reading more on our blog, you know, whatever floats your boat.

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