So the PS4K is probably real, but that NX controller is not, and we are mystified by it all


Hey, y'know, you win some and you lose some, right? That was certainly the case for us video game websites in the last week who were reporting on the goings on of the ever constant rumor mill. I mean it's rare you get big rumors on one future console this early into the new cycle, but two? That was just too tantalizing to pass up. So yes, like everyone else, we discussed both the rumor of Sony's new 4K capable Playstation 4, and those strange, strange Nintendo NX controller images.

And, to be fair, we all were right about one thing -- that Playstation 4.5 (now more commonly being referred to as the "Playstation 4K") seems incredibly likely to be real, with many other outlets coming out in support of Kotaku's original report. The Wall Street Journal even reports that Sony will be revealing the newly updated console very soon, before the launch of the Playstation VR even. Of course that launch isn't until October, so there's still six or so months for Sony to actually unveil the thing. Of course it's likely to be released around October (since it will be released in large part to support the VR device), so expect a reveal at least four or so months before. If only there was some large scale video game event that Sony is participating in four months before October. Some grand conference of sorts. Oh well, I'm sure they'll figure out something.

Meanwhile, another big story from earlier in the month has officially been debunked -- those NX controller designs? Yeah, totally fake. Even with the release of another set of images seemingly corroborating the pictures, the actual man behind the "leak," a French video game developer and 3D modeller by the name of David Im, has come out and declared the images to be fake. "I posed as an insider (for the first and last time) for laughs," said history's biggest liar, who even posted a video of himself creating the fake images in question:

And as for the second set of images? Those too were doctored, although the object itself is somewhat real. Frank Sandqvist, a Swedish 3D print shop owner and fellow monster, simply made a 3D print of the leaked images, and also released a video explaining his process:

So yeah, we are still no closer to seeing a real Nintendo NX controller than we were two weeks ago. But we know that Nintendo is set to reveal the console this year, so it shouldn't be long until we hear more. Maybe sometime this June. That's a slow time for news in the industry, right?

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