5 biggest 'Street Fighter: Resurrection' revelations so far

Two episodes in and there is already a lot going on in "Street Fighter: Resurrection." If you aren't a diehard fan, there are a few things you might have missed, and there's some backstory and context that also might be helpful to you, if you're new to Street Fighter lore. So we'll recap the major points so far, and try to fill in the gaps if you were wondering who exactly some of these people are.

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1. M. Bison might not be dead after all:

Since this series is taking place slightly before the events in Street Fighter V, which is itself between IV and III, we know that M. Bison eventually dies (retroactive spoilers from the early 2000s, I guess). But, it's not really known when, or how, or by who finally takes him down in the end. The show drops some more information that M. Bison is back at it again, with his plans for world domination. We know he is bound to show up, with his new white hair and psycho powers, but the current status of Bison, S.I.N., and Shadaloo are up in the air.

2. Laura's first appearance:

An early surprise was getting to see new character Laura Matsuda, the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fighter, show up in an official capacity in the series. She is brand new to Street Fighter, but has ties to some of the other characters, which is interesting. She is the sister of Sean Matsuda, who was playable in the Street Fighter III games. Sean is training under Ken, so maybe Laura showing up to avenge her grandfather is the connection to Sean wanting to learn about the ways of the Hado.

3. Lt. Charlie Nash has still got it:

It's pretty exciting to see a character back in action after a decade plus of not being around Street Fighter. And for being dead for that long, too. Lieutenant Charlie Nash, whether he's resurrected or not, has still got the moves, and personally I sort of flipped out when he tossed those two sonic booms in Ken's gym. Nash was Guile's mentor, and can use just one arm to toss booms, as opposed to Guile's measly two. It seems he also got some cool upgrades (for being a cybernetic zombie created and mind controlled by M. Bison), and it was pretty nifty to see what he could do now. The green gem in his head continues to puzzle me, since I assume it's where he's being controlled. Maybe someone should just rip that out soon?

4. Shout-outs to Cammy and Chun-Li:

Hopefully we get to see Cammy White and Chun-Li show up on the series, after their names got dropped pretty hard in episode 2. Since they're both Interpol officers, and high ranking agents (and also on a vendetta to hunt down M. Bison) they're integral to what's going on. But, as two of the most popular female characters in all of video games, it's nice to know that Ken, Ryu, and the world still rely on them to kick ass and take names. There were a few other small nods to characters we might not see, especially M. Bison, who is basically the Godot of this series, but the most exciting thing to hear was Cammy and Chun-Li's name being said.

5. The Decapre reveal

Maybe the most niche, and biggest, thing to happen so far was Decapre showing up as the big cliffhanger. Decapre is one of the twelve 'dolls', or sleeper agents, that M. Bison engineered to do his bidding. Decapre is one of the brainwashed assassins sent by Shadaloo and it is no real surprise that someone showed up to crash the party, but it being Decapre caught me off guard. She became a playable character in Ultra Street Fighter IV and is an imperfect, Russian clone of Cammy that becomes volatile after an experiment went wrong. Since she is deadly, and has a history of breaking bad and terrorizing people, I am expecting some bodies to drop come next episode. You don't call in Decapre to an arms deal and expect there to NOT be a huge fight. She is going to teleport around and cause some real mayhem, so be on the lookout for the rest of the series!

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