Bioware leaves fans in chaos over shirt, much like ending of Mass Effect 3

Hold on, we have a few more headlines that didn't make the cut for you: "Bioware revealed its new IP at GDC this weekend, and all fans didn't get was a lousy T-shirt". That was the front-runner for a while. "Bioware makes greatest t-shirt in gaming history, no one notices, causes pandemonium anyways" was a good one. But yes, I'm sure you read that headline with a mixture of pure confusion and annoyance, but stick with us here, it's going to make sense by the end of the article. Just have a little faith, okay?

Bioware might be hard at work right now on completing the (recently delayed) Mass Effect Andromeda, but that's far from the only thing they have in the works right now. After all, Bioware is comprised of three separate studios (Bioware Montreal, Bioware Edmonton, and Bioware Austin), so you have to imagine that it can handle more than one game in development at a time. And the company has gone on record about a secret new IP in the works at the studio, even revealing a not very descriptive first look image from the game a few years back during E3 2014 (an image which adorns the top of this page, by the way.) And yet we still have little to no idea what the new IP is in any shape or form. And our next big reveal for the new game has been lost to time...or more importantly, at the bottom of Bioware's senior director of creative development's hamper.

Yes, in one of the strangest news stories you'll probably read this week, Bioware unveiled something new about its next game last weekend at GDC...and absolutely nobody noticed. The reveal in question was apparently on a T-shirt worn by Bioware's Alistair McNally, who commented on Twitter a few days ago that not a single person seemed to notice and/or care about the seemingly big piece of news.

This of course sent fans into a tizzy, as the internet searches in vain for images of McNally wearing the T-shirt last week. Internet sleuths (the zaniest kinds of sleuths) are currently grasping at any and all straws to find this illusive T-shirt, but it's likely that the opportunity to see just what McNally is teasing has long passed. So yes, all fans wanted to see was a T-shirt, and it's likely they won't get to. Doesn't that headline make a lot more sense now? See, we told you it would.

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