Sony might be developing a "Playstation 4.5 " that has a screen resolution of OVER 4000!

It must be a pretty good time to be Sony's Playstation division right now. Following a last generation that found them at the way bottom of hardware sales, Sony came out swinging at the start of this generation, quickly establishing the Playstation 4 as the console to beat. And two years after its debut, it's pretty much unstoppable -- it's beating the Xbox One by nearly double,, and has already pushed 38 million total units worldwide (and growing!) Yes, the Playstation 4 is a huge success story — but that doesn't mean Sony is going to just sit back and bask in the success.

No, according to the folks over at Kotaku, the console giant is hard at work at a pretty major refresh of the Playstation 4 brand, which Kotaku's sources dub as the "Playstation 4.5." The refresh won't be a new console in and of itself (thus the .5 moniker), but likely will be akin to the Playstation Slim that replaced the original "Fat" version that was released in 2006. But from the sounds of things, this Playstation 4.5 might be more than just a simple aesthetic change — internally it might get a massive boost, apparently getting the ability to play games in Full 4K resolution (up of course from the standard 1080p.) That means four times the resolution, and a "upgraded GPU" to run it.

Of course none of this has quite been confirmed by Sony, offering the standard "no comment" to Kotaku. Still though, a console refresh would make a lot of sense, especially considering the Playstation VR upgrades intended to work with the machine. In fact, Kotaku speculates a big reason for the refresh could be to work with the VR headset, and provide necessary processing power to run it. But once again, until Sony announces something official (likely at E3), we can't say for sure. All we know is that the Playstation 4 is still selling like hotcakes, and the release of a new, more advanced one certainly won't change that.

Now we wait for the other shoe to drop, as the day will come when Microsoft has it's Xbox 1.5 details leaked, alongside Apple's new phone, Nintendo's NX, and my diary entries.

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