Do the Robot: The First Fallout 4 DLC Arrives Next Week


The Mechanist, a ridiculous man dressed as a fake super villain in Fallout 3, was one of the highlights of that game. That side mission involved him sending a legion of killer attack robots to fight giant ants, led by the AntAgonizer, another lunatic dressed as a villain. Their stupid, nerdy war ravaged a small town, and as the player you had to either stop one, or the other, or both, or neither. And it was glorious.

Well, guess who is back:

Fun fact: Fallout 4 is the first game that I've ever purchased a season pass for. Usually I'm the type that ignores DLC unless I hear it's really, really good (a pretty rare thing sadly for most DLC), but I was such a big fan of Fallout 4 and have so much faith in Bethesda as a company to not nickel-and-dime me that I jumped on the season pass bandwagon almost immediately after finishing the game's main campaign. And at the (then) price of $30, it was pretty much a steal, right? Well, we'll begin the long road to finding out in the first of three promised DLC packs, titled Automatron -- and it looks like we won't have to wait very long to find out either, thankfully.

Bethesda announced early yesterday that Automatron will be arriving for all platforms next Thursday, March 24. The DLC will center around "The Mechanist," who is unleashing evil robots upon all of the Commonwealth this time, instead of the D.C. wasteland. This being Fallout, you'll have to do battle with him by building robots of your very own, with the DLC giving you the ability to customize robot armor, limbs, weapons, abilities, and more. So yes, bot-on-bot battles are coming to Fallout. What do you need, a road map? Or maybe a trailer. We don't have the first thing but, hey, we have the second!

Automatron will be available for free for everyone who purchased the Season Pass. More restrained consumers will be able to purchase the DLC as a standalone expansion for $9.99.

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