The Division Is The Fastest Selling Game In Ubisoft's History But, Y'Know, So Was Watch Dogs

Just saying.

So far we're liking The Division. It's too early to tell whether it's going to become the next World of Warcraft (that would be great) or the next Destiny (no thank you). After some faulty servers on launch day, and some weird game design choices, we finally got into the NYC post apocalyptic wasteland for some good old fashioned fun. You know, murdering people by the dozens. Still though, completely ignoring the quality of the game, it's hard to deny that The Division has already proven itself to be a pretty huge success for Ubisoft.

The pretty much new IP (the "Tom Clancy" branding is just marketing, really -- this is for all intents and purposes a new series of games) is already off to a tremendous start, with Ubisoft announcing that the game has broken its company record for most software sold in its first 24 hour period.

The previous holder of that record was indeed
Watch Dogs (cough*super disappointing and overrated*cough), which became something of a big success for the French publisher — and by "big success", I mean netting the company the record of fastest selling new franchise in video game history. Yeah, that's a pretty big title, and the fact that The Division outsold Watch Dogs on its first day is an incredibly strong sign for its future sales.

Now does it mean that The Division is set to conquer Watch Dogs overall record? It's hard to say at this point, but it's certainly possible. In any case, with both of its new franchises off to incredible starts, Ubisoft must be one happy studio. Whether or not they deserve the glory is another question entirely.

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