Microsoft Hololens Available on March 30, Complete With A Watered Down Conker!


Yes, everyone's favorite alcoholic squirrel is back...well, in name at least. Because I knew Conker and you, Young Conker, are no Conker.

The world has not seen Conker take the spotlight in proper glory since his first adventure, the N64 game Conker's Bad Fur Day, and unfortunately this new game/app/come-on-lets-be-real-it's-a-glorified-tech-demo doesn't seem like it will whet the appetite of actual fans who want a follow up to the raunchy, M for Mature cult classic. Instead, this new "take" on the Conker character, entitled Young Conker (which is a title that guarantees our protagonist will be both "hip" and "with it") will be yet another "experience" that can be enjoyed on Microsoft Hololens.

For the right price, of course. Because, for now at least, the only version of Hololens shipping out will be the Developer Edition, which comes with the steep price tag of $3,000. Granted, Hololens is a complicated piece of AR tech and the Developer Edition is guaranteed to offer more than the eventual consumer edition, but it certainly sets a precedent for how pricey this could end up being. The biggest obstacle facing AR at this early stage is the high price tag (and few experiences that make it seem worth said cost), but of the AR sets I've seen, Hololens is by far the most promising. I just hope that by the time Microsoft releases a consumer version, I won't have to take out a loan to buy it.

But hey, if you're a well-off game developer (they do exist, from what I've heard!), then you can go ahead and apply to get the product right now at the Microsoft Store. And if you need the concept video of a squirrel climbing over all your furniture to sell you on the device, this trailer for the Young Conker game should do the trick.

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