How to Make Yourself More Promotable

Businessman with digital tablet in conference room

By Liz Smith

Want to move up the ladder? Whether you've been holding down the same position for a while, you're noticing internal shuffling or you just want to make yourself an irreplaceable employee from the get-go, you might need to take matters into your own hands. If you want to advance your career, use the tips below to make yourself more promotable.

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1. Put the Company First

Remember that not everything is about you. If you want a higher position, you'll need to think about the company and keep its greater objectives in mind. Promoting company values and working hard can help you leave a more lasting impact.

Being a team player can also show your employer and coworkers that you can think about the bigger picture. And it doesn't hurt to make your boss look good when you have the opportunity to do so.

2. Go the Extra Mile

It's a good idea to go beyond completing your list of required tasks if you're looking for a promotion. Being flexible and taking initiative will make you seem like a leader. Of course you can't forget about your primary responsibilities, so you'll need to strike a balance between fulfilling your role and taking on other duties.

Keep in mind that in order to move up, you'll need to be seen as someone who can help with any project. Being able to solve problems and help coworkers find creative compromises can also work in your favor. To stand out, you might need to initiate something in the office that no one has thought of yet, like an idea that boosts morale or increases efficiency.

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3. Fine Tune Your Talent

Being good at your job may seem like an obvious way to get promoted, but you may need to do more than that. A great way to increase your chances of locking down a promotion is to invest in your own future. On your own time, you can take a class or attend a conference to learn more about your field.

Having strong technical skills and up-to-date knowledge about what's happening in your industry can show that you're making an effort to become a more valuable asset.

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Final Word

Promotions don't just happen. Sure, it would be great to have extra benefits, a higher salary and access to a 401(k) plan that can help you save more for retirement. But you'll ultimately need to be honest with yourself before asking to take on more tasks.

If you believe you've demonstrated the behavior of a highly promotable person, you can speak with the senior members of your office. When you meet with him or her, it might help to focus on the potential value you could add if given a larger role.