Super Bowl MVP Von Miller files lawsuit to stop release of sex tape

One of the NFL's biggest names will be heading the courtroom in a matter of extortion. Super Bowl MVP and NFL sack extraordinaire Von Miller is fighting to prevent a sex tape from leaking out, according to a report from The Smoking Gun. The tape is from June of 2016 when Miller was in Cancun, Mexico.

It is important to note that the lawsuit does not specifically use Miller's name, but rather uses an alias to keep the plaintiff anonymous. This suggests that maybe #58 isn't the culprit after all and The Smoking Gun isn't clear about how it is evident Miller is involved.

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Elizabeth Ruiz, the woman involved, has been dealt a restraining order in which she cannot release the video that was filmed on her cell phone. Miller is claiming that Ruiz has threatened to come out with the tape if he did not pay her a sum of $2.5 million.

Apparently, Miller was also approached by a "sex tape broker." The outside linebacker's lawyer explained the situation to Blatt with details of what Ruiz was demanding from Miller's side. Both sides in this case have met up previously, but Ruiz's attorney has made her price tag clear.

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I'm sure this is the last thing the Broncos' All-Pro wants to deal with right now, but we all have to be accountable for our actions. When you have a lot of money, people are going to come after it. That is unfortunately how the world seems to work these days. While it is unlikely this will have any impact on the Super Bowl MVP's performance, we still could have an interesting story to monitor here.