What to Shop for After the Holidays

What to Shop for After the Holidays
What to Shop for After the Holidays

Many of the products you see on sale now will be significantly cheaper after Christmas, so before you rush out for some last-minute shopping, here are a few deals you should skip.

First, when it comes to clothing, you're better off waiting until after Christmas. A staggering 45 percent of all after-Christmas sales are clothing related, so if you can hold out for just a few more days, you might find discounts as high as 75 percent off the week after Christmas. Additionally, if your New Year's resolution includes a new workout routine, hold off until January for the best deals in new exercise equipment and gear.

Next, if new furniture is on your wish list, wait until February. Many new furniture collections debut in January and February, which means many items will be on clearance in that time. While you can find discounts up to 30 percent in December, if you wait until the new year to shop, you might find sales as high as 75 percent off.

Lastly, hold off on buying expensive jewelry, if possible. Jewelry is always priced higher during the holidays, so wait until after Valentine's Day to buy and you can save up to 25 percent off.

So, while the holidays do bring some great sales, they're not always the best deals you can find. Remember these tips and you'll see that sometimes it can pay to wait.


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