Game Of The Week: Slot Buster

The Games team would like to welcome back on our absolute favorites! Slot Buster is a slot machine free-to-play online game that will keep you busy hitting jackpot after jackpot. I hate myself when I do play this one because I'm always one way longer than I should have been.

Wedgebuster, the good people who make Slot Buster, would like to welcome back our loyal users with a Special Bonus!

1. Simply go to and look for Slot Buster in the search bar OR

2. Click here to play Slot Buster and be sure to sign into your account
3. Receive your very generous bonus. Good luck and have fun!

Bringing the best slot games to!

Unlock new levels and new features every time you play. Massive selection and best payouts of any slot game. Daily bonuses collected every hour with a "Blow Out Bonus" opportunity.

Start playing now and receive your Welcome Bonus!

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