LinkedIn Just Completely Overhauled Its Job Postings to Make it Easier For You to Land a New Gig

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LinkedIn just completely overhauled the way it will display job postings: increasing the amount of information it surfaces front-and-center in an attempt to make your hunt more effective.

You'll notice the changes and revamped look when you're scoping out a specific role found through its "Jobs" tab.There are two questions the professional networking site will allow you to answer quickly and easily any time you're checking out a new position:
  1. Do you have any connections at the company?
  2. Does the company have a history of hiring people like you?

To address the first question, the company will now show you all of your LinkedIn connections who work at the company you'd be applying to. It will also suggest people you could reach out to based on your alma mater and job history:

LinkedIn JobsLinkedIn

To give you a better idea of what sort of job skills and expertise the company is looking for — and what you should emphasize in your application — LinkedIn will also start surfacing a "Meet the Team" section which shows you people currently in similar roles as the one you're applying to:


A LinkedIn survey found that successful job-seekers are 9 times more likely to research the current employees of companies they want to apply to.
Technically, you could always find this kind of information on LinkedIn, but the company is now doing all the heavy lifting for you at the get-go.
Finally, people who pay for a "Premium" LinkedIn account will be able to see additional information like details about a company's growth rate, average tenure, and the top schools and companies it hires from:


LinkedIn plans to roll these changes out incrementally, so if you haven't seen them yet, don't panic.
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