Are You Overusing Household Products? -- Savings Experiment

Are You Overusing Household Products?
Are You Overusing Household Products?

There are many ways you can save by cutting back on your household products. For instance, instead of using paper towels you can use old newspapers to clean windows and mirrors. Newspaper can easily soak up dust and dirt, and, best of all, it won't leave any streaks. Here are a few more tips you can try.

First, when it comes to spray cleaners don't spray directly onto the surface -- it always leads to using too much product. Contrary to what you might think, over-spraying can actually lead to more streaks, too. Instead, give your cleaning rag a quick spritz, then wipe down the surface.

Next, toothpaste can be costly, and while advertisers would like you to think more is better, that's not really true. In fact, a small, pea-sized amount is what most dentists recommend to adequately brush your teeth.

Finally, using too much carpet cleaner can stain the area and leave a soapy residue, attracting more dirt over time. Instead, start out with less potent options like soap, water or white vinegar. And be sure to properly dry the area after cleaning to extend your carpet's lifespan.

There are several ways to avoid overusing and overspending on household products. Give these tips a try and you'll see the savings for yourself.


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