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Home-Run Savings at the Stadium
Home-Run Savings at the Stadium

No matter which sport or teams you're rooting for, going to the big game can mean big costs. Luckily, there are a few ways to go to the stadium without forfeiting your savings.

First, buying food at the game can quickly eat up your cash. Most concession items are overpriced, and believe it or not, some stadiums will actually let you bring your own food. Before you go, be sure to check your team's policy.

Next, if driving to the game is your only option, don't park your car at the stadium. Instead, use the ParkMe app to type in the name of your arena and you'll find a detailed map of all the cheaper parking lots in the area. By drafting a game plan, you'll get to the field without getting ripped off.

Finally, avoid the pricey merchandise from stadium stores at all costs. Chances are you can buy comparable jerseys and memorabilia online or from a local retail store at a fraction of the price.

Before you head to the big game, remember these tips. You'll see that with a little planning, you can score a home run at the game.


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