Friendship on a Budget -- Savings Experiment

Friendship on a Budget
Friendship on a Budget

We all love spending time with friends, but between dining out and shopping, hanging out with your pals can quickly add up. Here are some tips on how to spend time with your friends without overspending.

First, try checking out some free community events happening in your neighborhood. Simply go online and check out your city's website to see what kind of free recreational activities are being offered. Between free concerts, museum exhibits, and volunteer work, there are a lot of low-budget options to choose from.

Next, a great way to save with your friends is by taking up urban foraging. Urban foraging, is all about picking fruits, vegetables and edible plants from sanctioned areas around your city. Go to to find out where you can forage near you. Simply input your neighborhood, and you'll find a detailed map of all the great foraging opportunities nearby.

Lastly, try to be creative with your plans. You can browse for treasures at the thrift store, throw a YouTube karaoke night, or start a book club, just to name a few ideas.

So remember these tips the next time you hang out with your pals -- because building your friendships doesn't have to mean breaking the bank.