Save Thousands With Used Baby Gear -- Savings Experiment

Save Thousands With Used Baby Gear
Save Thousands With Used Baby Gear

Whether you're a new or expecting parent, you know that the costs of buying new gear for your newborn can quickly get old. Here are some tips on how to raise your bundle of joy without spending a bundle of cash.

First, babies will outgrow everything in just a few months. Instead of buying new, go online to for a great selection of hand-me-downs. At Swapmamas, there's absolutely no money exchanged. Simply browse for an item you want and trade other parents for their used baby goods.

Next, buying pre-owned baby furniture is great, but some items are best bought new. Car seats have a lifespan of about six years and should withstand only one crash before being replaced. Be sure to check the bottom of the seat to find its expiration date. Also, you should only buy cribs new. This will ensure it was made after June 28, 2011, when the latest government mandated safety codes went into effect.

Lastly, buying used clothes is a fantastic way to save money, but for your child's safety, be sure to avoid anything with drawstrings, and check that all buttons, zippers and clasps are secure.

As you stock up on used items for your new baby, remember these tips to keep both your child and budget safe. You'll see that buying used things for your little one doesn't have to mean big prices.


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