A Former Goldman Sachs Employee Who Launched a Startup Shares Her Favorite Interview Question

Business people talking face to face in lobby
Business people talking face to face in lobby


By Jacquelyn Smith

You may think being in the hot seat, where you typically have to answer dozens of questions about yourself, is tough — but things aren't necessarily much easier for the hiring manager on the other side of the desk.

As an interviewer, coming up with the right questions can be tricky. You want to ask candidates things that will get them to reveal who they are, what they value, and whether they'd be a good fit.

That's why when a CEO, founder, or hiring manager finds one who does just that, they often make it their go-to, must-ask question.

Becca Brown, cofounder of Solemates, a brand of women's shoe care products, found hers shortly after launching her business in 2009.