Classics: Games you can't play anymore in Windows 10

Windows 10 launches on July 29th. When users upgrade, they will lose several built-in games including Solitaire (Classic, FreeCell, & Spider) Backgammon, Checkers, Chess, Spades, Hearts, and Mahjongg. features a small compilation of some of these games as well as others not affected by the update. We see you all are really diggin' these titles so we wanted to share them with everyone else out there and keep these classics going on Enjoy!!!!
#1 Poker: Texas Hold 'em (No Limit)

Click here to play Texas Hold'em No Limit now!
Online Poker- Free Texas Hold Em Poker is the most popular of the poker games being played today.

#2 Solitaire: Classic

Click here to play Solitaire Classic now!
Solitaire is one of the most addictive online games, and you can play here on Your mission: Build the same suit counting up from Ace to King until each pile contains 13 cards.

#3 Backgammon

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Backgammon requires you to move your checkers after a roll of two dice. The number of dots on each die dictate your options. For example, if you roll a five and a one, you must move a checker five points forward, and a second checker one point forward.

#4 Gin Rummy

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Play the classic card game of Gin Rummy free online at In this modern update of 18th century Whiskey Poker, your goal is to score higher than your opponent to win.

#5 Spades

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Play Spades, a card game all about bids, blinds and bags, for free on Play online alone or multiplayer with a friend in this four player trick taking classic This is one of the best Spades games online that you can find.
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