J. Crew Executive Reportedly Fires a Bunch of People, Then Brags About Surviving 'Hunger Games' Layoffs

J. Crew
By Hayley Peterson

A J. Crew executive reportedly fired several employees, then went out drinking and posted celebratory photos to Instagram joking about surviving the layoffs.

Alejandro Rhett, vice president of men's merchandising, delivered news of the firings — which affected 175 employees — to several people on Wednesday, sources told The New York Post.

Rhett then went to a bar in New York City and posted a series of Instagram photos showing him drinking and tagged them with hashtags like "#hungergames" and "#maytheoddsbeeverinyourfavor."

The hashtags are a reference to the Hunger Games book series, in which characters are forced to fight to the death.

In one photo, he's seen leaning against a wall with another employee from the men's merchandising department and flipping his middle finger. He tagged that photo with the hashtags "#forthewin" and "#damnitfeelsgoodtobeagangster."

The Post has screenshots of the photographs and captions, which have since been scrubbed from the Internet.

A J. Crew spokesman told the Post that the company "does not condone" Rhett's behavior.

"As soon as we were made aware," of the incident, "the appropriate actions took place," the company said.
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